AAOP: You hate it already.

This is going to be straight and to the point, sorry for the lack of LOLs.


  1. Carlos Beltran 2 years 24 mil. Why- He just makes sense. Along with other moves we can offer him sheltered playing time to highlight his production.
  2. Marlon Byrd 2 years 4 mil. Why- We can offer decent playing time in a role that will work for both team and player. Spelling Beltran when needed and platooning in the other corner.
  3. Daisuke Matsuzaka 1 year .5mil vesting up to 3 mil based on performance. Why- Let's be honest here, he'll be a place holder for Montero or Noah. Either traded if he has success or released if he falters. If Meija's health doesn't hold and Dice K does well it doesn't pressure the Mets into using both Montero and Noah.


  1. Daniel Murphy, Bobby Parnell and Domingo Tapia to the LA Dodgers for Andre Ethier, Dee Gordon and half of Ethier's contract (35 mil over the next 4 years making Andre's contract around 9 mil per season). Why- Upgrades third and bullpen for the Dodgers also freeing them of half of the remaining money owned to Ethier in their crowded outfield. Throw in Tapia, after a slowing season, for the out of favor Gordon. For us, we can platoon Ethier in right with Byrd hiding Beltran in left and give Dee Gordon another shot, encourage him to get his slap hitting on and hope for mirror production to Eric Young Jr. With Parnell gone, put the closer job up for grabs in the spring between Familia, Black and Walters. Give second to Wilmer and let his bat do the talking.
  2. Jon Neise, Ike Davis, Brandon Nimmo and Michael Fulmer to the TB Rays for David Price, upon the completion of the deal he signs a 3 year deal worth 48 mil. Why- Gives the Rays a competent replacement to Price at a cheaper rate along with a project MLB first baseman to replace Lonely and two top prospects in exchange for a player they dont seem to want to afford. For us it replaces Harvey and makes 2015 scary with Price, Wheeler, hopefully healthy Harvey, Noah and Montero. Gives us room should Harvey return slowly or Wheeler, Noah, Montero struggle. Overpaying him to buy out one year of FA. Platoon Duda and Satin at first and hope for the best.

Tenders - Lucas Duda, Mike Baxter, Dillion Gee, Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada

Non tenders- Eric Young Jr, Scott Atchison, and Omar Quentanilla

Player 2014 Salary
d'Arnaud, Travis 0.5
Centeno, Juan 0.5
Duda, Lucas 1.8
Satin, Josh 0.5
Flores, Wilmer 0.5
Gordon, Dee 0.5
Turner, Justin 0.8
Wright, David 20
Either, Andre 9
Beltran, Carlos 14
Lagares, Juan 0.5
Byrd, Marlon 2
Nieuwenhuis, Kirk 0.5
Price , David 16
Wheeler, Zack 0.5
Gee, Dillon 3.4
Mejia, Jenrry 0.5
Matsuzaka, Daisuke 0.5
Walters, Jeff 0.5
Feliciano, Pedro 0.5
Edgin, Josh 0.5
Familia, Jeurys 0.5
Black, Vic 0.5
Germen, Gonzalez 0.5
Torres, Carlos 0.5
40 Man
Byrdak, Tim 0.5
Gorski, Darin 0.5
Rice, Scott 0.5
Tejada, Ruben 1
Valdespin, Jordany 0.5
Recker, Anthony 0.5
Brown, Andrew 0.5
Tovar, Wilfredo 0.5
Robles, Hansel 0.5
Lutz, Zach 0.5
Puello, Cesar 0.5
denDekker, Matt 0.5
deGrom, Jacob 0.5
Baxter, Mike
Matz, Steven 0.5
DL- Buyouts
Hefner, Jeremy 0.5
Harvey, Matt 0.5
Santana, Johan 5.5
Bay, Jason 3

92 counts in about 8 mil in minor league roster, so my major league roster is in the ball park of 84 mil, closer to the budget of 80 mil. I would of liked to tender Eric Young Jr, stick Kirk in AAA and waive JV1 but I didn't want to go over 85.

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