AAOP: There is a fine line between clever and stupid


If this doesn’t do it for you, I’ll be plying my wares in a haberdashery with Nigel Tufnel. Much like Nigel and David St. Hubbins pontificated; there is a thin line between clever and stupid. Much like said clever/stupidity relationship, there is thin line where you upgrade the team now whilst not sacrificing yon future. For the below, I hope to lay out a framework that does just that.

The Tender relationships (and no so Tender):

Those who are tendered contracts are: Murphy, Davis, Gee, Parnell, Young Jr., Duda, Tejada and Turner.

Those who are non-tendered: Quintanilla, Santana. Q, we'll hope to get you back later. Johan, this cucumber is for you.



Ike Davis, Luis Mateo and Gonzalez German for Jose Tabata

Tabata is pretty much a 3 million dollar 4th OF for the Pirates. Not to say he’s a scrub, but that just goes to show you what happens when you have an actual major league OF. The Pirates have a need at 1B and the power possibility Ike brings plus he’s still controllable into 2015 should be enticing.

Michael Fulmer, Cory Mazzoni, and Jordanny Valdespin for Chris Owings

With Didi manning the SS spot and Hill manning 2B, there isn’t much of a place for Owings. There isn’t much of a true matchup with Arizona. Murph and his grission would be a wonderful fit, had Arizona not had 1B, 2B and 3B all locked up. Now, Valdy being able to take a fastball to the gonads (with no cup!) should more than make up for the grission quotient.

Tejada for almost 1 million in cash (999,000.00) from the Yanks.

With the Yanks hurting at the shortstop position, this simple move should allow some flexibility to them for a minimal investment. It’s probably a stretch to get a full million from them, but it’s the Yanks and they apparently print money over there. What’s 999K vs. 500K to them?

Free Agent signings:

Curtis Granderson: 2 years, 24 million, 3rd year option of 16 million, with a 2 million buyout. Curtis will be relatively cheap compared to Choo and Elsbury. He adds speed, power and the ability to K, which will be needed with Ike’s departure. The deal will be slightly backloaded, but within reason. He'll have to move to a corner OF position, as Lagares has something to say to Curtis


Jason Vargas: 2 years, 17 million. With his blood clotting issues resolved (leaches were employed), he is a durable lefty with decent stats. Not overly impressive, but fits the bill for the general short term and can be flipped the following year, if needed. Plus having a 2nd lefty is a plus.

Jose Molina: 1 year, 2 million. A tutor, a sage, a dependable fill in, a Molina.

Latroy Hawkins: 1 year, 2 Million. Old and grizzled. Can close if needed. Can still bring it.

Minor League invites:

I’d tender minor league deals to Harang, Daisuke Matsuzaka, David Aardsma and Quintanilla.

Player Postion Salary
d'Arnaud C $490,000.00
Duda 1B $1,800,000.00
Murphy 2B $5,800,000.00
Owings SS $490,000.00
Wright 3B $20,000,000.00
Granderson LF $10,400,000.00
Lagares CF $490,000.00
Tabata RF $3,000,000.00
Turner Bench $800,000.00
Young Jr. Bench $1,900,000.00
Molina Bench $2,000,000.00
Satin Bench $490,000.00
den Decker Bench $490,000.00
Wheeler SP $490,000.00
Niese SP $5,050,000.00
Gee SP $3,400,000.00
Vargas SP $8,000,000.00
Mejia SP $490,000.00
Parnell CL $3,200,000.00
Black BP $490,000.00
Edgin BP $490,000.00
Rice BP $490,000.00
Familia BP $490,000.00
Torres BP $490,000.00
Hawkins BP $2,000,000.00
Bay Financial Drag $3,000,000.00
Santana Financial Drag $5,500,000.00
Tejada's Cash Financial Buoy -$999,000.00
Total: $80,731,000.00


This leaves a final payroll obligation at $80.731 Million and paves the way for a competitive team in 2014 and beyond. It allows Flores, Puello, Montero, Syndergaard and the rest of the kids to get every day playing time in the minors. It provides a flexibility for 2015 to use Niese/Gee/Vargas as trade bait.

Hope you enjoyed.

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