AAOP: Early Morning Dribble

Too lazy to be creative. Half of you are 15 anyway. Read it and weep.


-Better Production at Corner OF and SS

-A Bullpen that Sucks Less

-Bench Depth that doesn't make you long for Joe McEwing.


-New Ownership

-Bats with Power

-John Olerud Bobblehead day.

Things I believe:

Daniel Murphy is Average


On the Books:

David Wright - 20 mil

Jon Niese - 5 mil

Non Tender:

Omar Quintanilla

Justin Turner

Scott Atchison


Ike Davis - 3.5 mil

Daniel Murphy - 5.5 mil

Dillon Gee - 3.5 mil

Bobby Parnell - 3.25 mil

Lucas Duda - 2 mil

Ruben Tejada - 1mil


1B Lucas Duda to Seattle for RHP Carter Capps

Capps is 23, has a jerky motion which spits out a 96mph fastball. Numbers on the Surface were not great last year- 5.5 ERA/4.73 FIP. But his age and a 3.56 xFIP show promise. If the Mets have any positive player development skill, it's squeezing the life out of any Relief pitcher until their arm is mush. For Seattle, Kendrys Morales is on the way out, and Duda should be able to fill in at either DH or 1B if need be.

LHP Jon Niese to Arizona for SS Chris Owings & RHP Jake Barrett

I love Niese, but this move makes the organization better going forward. Owings is 22, blocked in Arizona by Didi Gregorius and Aaron Hill. Arizona needs to be able to compete with the Dodgers to hold water and they lack top of the rotation arms. We give them Niese. They give us our future shortstop. And if they're nice, they throw in Barrett, who has dominated relief through AA with a high 90's fastball and a filthy slider.

2B Daniel Murphy & UTL Eric Young Jr. to Detroit for RHP Rick Porcello

It's very difficult to approximate the value of pitchers vs. hitters, but this deal FEELS like it makes sense for both teams. For the Tigers, Infante is a free agent, and Murphy brings equal value at a younger age. They need to win now with their roster. Porcello's role in the rotation would be conveniently replaced by Smyly. No Harm. No Foul. For the Mets, Porcello is a local Jersey kid who has been reliable. The only knock on his resume would be his HR/9 rate which I think would diminish at Citi. EY is thrown in because the main knock on the Tigers aside from their lack of bullpen depth was their speed, and EY is speed on speed.

RHP Gabriel Ynoa & 3B Aderlin Rodriguez to Los Angeles for OF Peter Bourjos

Another case of trading need for need. The Angels have had their minor league system depleted, especially with their pitching. Ynoa would actually rank among the top pitchers in their system. They also have a surplus of outfielders incluing Trout, Hamilton, Kohl Calhoun and others. Bourjos is coming off wrist surgery after getting HBP mid season. He should recover fully for next year, but he seems like the odd man out. He's a great fielder in CF and a cheat code in the corners. Perfect for Citi.


OF Marlon Byrd - 1 Year/6 mil

SS Brendan Ryan - 1 Year/ 2 mil

RHP Gavin Floyd - 1 year/ 4 mil

OF Rajai Davis - 1 year/ 3 mil

RHP Pat Neshek - 1 Year/ 1 mil


C Travis D'arnaud 500k

1B Ike Davis 3.5 mil

2B WIlmer Flores 500k

3B Davis Wright 20 mil

SS Chris Owings 500k

LF Peter Bourjos 600k

CF Juan Lagares 500k

RF Marlon Byrd 6 mil

B: Josh Satin 500k

B: Brendan Ryan 2 mil

B: Anthony Recker 500k

B: Matt den Dekker 500k

B: Rajai Davis 3 mil

SP Rick Porcello 6 mil

SP Zack Wheeler 500k

SP Dillon Gee 3.5 mil

SP Jenrry Mejia 500k

SP Gavin Floyd 4 mil

RP Carlos Torres 500k

RP Josh Edgin 500k

RP Carter Capps 500k

RP Pat Neshek 1 mil

RP Jeurys Familia 500k

RP Vic Black 500k

RP Bobby Parnell 3.25 mil

Just for Fun - Opening Day Lineup 2014

LF: Peter Bourjos

SS: Chris Owings

3B: David Wright

RF: Marlon Byrd

1B: Ike Davis

CF: Juan Lagares

C: Travis D'Arnaud

2B: Wilmer Flores

P: Rick Porcello


Brendan Ryan is a glove strong backup who should keep Owings on his toes. Byrd is a place holder for Puello for me. I loved him and he's shown that he can put up positive fielding metrics in the corners of Citi Field. The Mets will likely take a flyer on one unknown starter this offseason and why not Floyd. It's a can't lose situation for a 5th starter spot that could easily be won by Degrom or Montero coming out of camp. They'll be up by midseason anyway most likely.

Preserved all top 10 prospects and got more back in return.

The Team is cheap. Payroll is around 60 mil by my count. Just because you have money to spend one year doesn't mean you should fuck up consequent years with shitty contracts. Unless you're Ruben Amaro Jr.

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