AAOP: I Met Sandy in a Dream and This is What he Told Me

So last night was quite the eventful night. After a few brewskies, and lots of unwanted karoake performance that not even autotune could fix, I stumbled home and passed out on the couch. In my drunken passed out state, I began having weird dreams ranging from being pant-less at a work conference to drag racing in a hovercar.

Suddenly I found myself at the bar with Sandy Alderson. He strangely had the voice of the Dos Equis guy but was drinking a Stella Artois. After bullshitting about how Joe Torre wishes he was as good as him working for the MLB he started telling me about his plans for the off-season.

Guaranteed Contracts and Prior Commitments- $33.55MM

First off, Wright and Niese are going no where. He told me he made some calls about Niese but no one was offering what he wanted which was a Top 10 prospect + a MLB caliber OF. So for now he's holding onto him. I asked him if if he was gonna bring Santana back and his reponse was that he couldn't justify giving Santana anything more than a minor league deal let alone $25MM if he didn't use the buyout clause.

Arbitration Cases Tendered Contracts- $16.1M

  • IF Justin Turner- $800k: Sandy loves gingers and he loves the positive energy Turner brings. He hit .280 this season off the bench and makes contact on 85% of the pitches he swings at. Plus he also feels that fans would stay at games a little longer just so they can see Turner smack someone with a pie and he loves fan interaction. At $800k he totally worth it.
  • SS Ruben Tejada- $1.0M: He sounded so disappointed in Tejada. "This is a guy who hit over .280 in back to back seasons at SS with positive defensive value. He's young and he just took the league for granted. I think he'll be highly motivated to prove everyone wrong. I truly do. And for a Million Bucks....I'll give a 24 year old a shot."
  • OF/2B Eric Young Jr.- $1.9M: "Oh I love EYJ. Biggest pick-up for us during the season. Your talking about a guy who, despite being a sub for a 1/3 of the year, still led the league in SBs. Did you know that we scored 38% of the time EYJ was on base? Only 4 guys with more PA then him had higher percentages....Matt Carpenter, Zach Cozart, Matt Holliday, and our own Daniel Murphy. I want him in my line-up."
  • 2B/1B Daniel Murphy- $5.8M: "The same thing I said about EYJ, pertains to Murphy. When he gets on we have a better chance of scoring. In addition, Murph has hit over .340 when Runners are Scoring position for 4 years straight now. Every day I envision a 1st inning where EYJ singles or walks, steals 2B, and then Murph drives him in. Now he's gonna get a little expensive here through arbitration, but I think he can be even better next year with a healthy Wright protecting him all season."
  • SP Dillon Gee- $3.4M: "Dillon deserves every bit of a raises he's gonna get. Outside of Harvey he was our best pitcher last year and he's absolutely going to be a part of this team. Now that said, come July when Syndergaard, Montero, and DeGrom are all ready, if he's pitching well, we're going to get some calls for him. If the right deal presents itself then the $3.4M will be peanuts compared to the return we would get for him.
  • CL Bobby Parnell- $3.2M: "Parnell season ending injury was unfortunate because he was having a lights out season for us. Isringhausen really helped this young man bloom. There's no doubt in my mind he'll be back and ready to go next season.

At this point I was so grateful that he was releasing this information to me that I absolutely HAD to buy him a shot. I asked him what his favorite liquor was and he replied "Anything older than Scott Atchison." So I bought him a $80 glass of 1969 Cognac on the rocks and asked who he wasn't bringing back.

"Well I can't bring RP Scott Atchison back for over a $1.0M thats just ludicrous based on his performance. SS Omar Quintanilla is probably another guy I can bring back. We'll let them both go and see if we can pick em back up on minor league deals."

What about the Double D's?

Trades- $0.5M

"I have enough of them both. I offered 1B Ike Davis to Colorado for SP Chad Bettis and 1B/DH Lucas Duda to the Houston Astros for OF Teoscar Hernandez. Houston needs more power and Duda would be perfect as their DH with Chris Carter manning 1B. Hernandez should be a good fit in our minor league system that is deprived of impact OF bats in the upper levels.

As for Colorado, With Helton retiring they need a 1B. If they can figure out Ike, He could probably smash 60 HRs playing in that ballpark. Plus it allows them to keep Cuddyer in RF. For us, Bettis should compete with Mejia for the #5 spot in the pitching rotation next season. I like his fastball/slider combination and I think it could serve us very well."

Renewable Contracts- $7.5M

"We're very fortunate to have a lot of young controllable guys on this team and I think they will all be significant contributors for us in 2014. We will be renewing the contracts of the following players before the season starts."

RP Victor Black, RP Scott Rice, RP Juerys Familia, RP Josh Edgin, RP Carlos Torres, SP Zack Wheeler, SP Jennry Mejia, C Travis d'Arnaud, CF Juan Lagares, C Juan Centeno, IF Josh Satin, IF Wilmer Flores, OF Matt Den Dekker, SP Matt Harvey, SP Jeremy Hefner, RP Gonzalez German, and UT Jordany Valdespin.

Free Agents- $25M

"This is where the fun begins..."

RP LaTroy Hawkins- 1 yr/$2.0M- "He has been so invaluable to our bullpen not only in his performance but as a role model to the younger guys in the clubhouse. He can still pop it in there at 93-94 so as long as he wants to continue pitching he will continue to have a home here in New York. He actually performed better in 2011 for the Angels and was able to earn a 1 yr/$3.0M contact so 1 for 2 doesn't seem that unreasonable in my opinion."

SP Josh Johnson- 1 yr/$7.5M + incentives- "With Harvey on the shelf we lack a true #1 starter. While Wheeler has the potential to be, I do not wish to force that label onto him. That's where Johnson comes in. When he's healthy he's about as dominant as anyone in MLB and a move back to the NL East may be enticing for him. Plus in the event that he's pitching well and the team is not in the playoff hunt, We can move him to a playoff team and net a Top 5 prospect. Its a win win all around. Now IF he does get hurt, That's where the depth of our AAA pitching comes into the rescue. If Johnson is ready to play the loser of the Bettis/Mejia battle goes to AAA. If he gets hurt then we'll have both of those young guys in the rotation.

OF Michael Morse- 1 yr/$3.0M- "Michael really struggled this year. He got off to a fast start in 2013 but then he sustained a nagging wrist injury that sapped him of his hitting abilities. He recently got surgery on it and we expect him to be 100% before Spring Training starts. He's a guy who hit .290+ the 3 seasons before and averaged 20+ HRs with the Washington Nationals. As with JJ, He'll be looking to re-establish value and we can provide an opportunity for him to do that while having OF depth in AAA with Puello, Den Dekker, Kirk, and Vaughn in case he doesn't work out."

OF Carlos Beltran- 2 yr/$28M ($13M in '14, $15M in '15)- "Do you see what Beltran is doing this playoff season? He is really good, even at 37. He is still the 20+ HR, .270+ Avg Hitter with an above average arm that we need in RF. While his critics say his range is limited and will only get worse, We have Lagares as our CF, and Den Dekker as a defensive stud on the bench. We want Beltran to come home and help us get to the championship that eluded us in '06."

OF Grady Sizemore- minor league deal- "Grady says he's healthy, and we've had our eye on him for a long time. If he can re-capture his pre-injury form then GREAT! If not we don't lose anything. Might as well give him a shot.

SP Aaron Harang- minor league deal- "Aaron showed that he still has some stuff in that arm of his. If he's unable to land a major league job this off-season we'll be more than happy to give him a shot to compete against Mejia and Bettis for the #5 spot in the rotation. Again another low risk deal.

Bullpen 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
CL Bobby Parnell $3.20 arb 2 arb 3
8th Victor Black $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
ROOGY LaTroy Hawkins $2.00 FA
LOOGY Scott Rice $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
L-MR Josh Edgin $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
R-MR Juerys Familia $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
LR Carlos Torres $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3

Rotation 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
SP1 Josh Johnson $7.00 FA
SP2 Jon Niese $5.05 $7.05 $9.05
SP3 Zack Wheeler $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
SP4 Dillon Gee $3.40 arb 2 arb 3
SP5 Jennry Mejia $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3

Line-Up 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
LF Eric Young $1.90 arb 2 arb 3
2B Daniel Murphy $5.80 arb 3
3B David Wright $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
RF Carlos Beltran $13.00 $15.00
1B Mike Morse $3.00 FA
C Travis d'Arnaud $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
CF Juan Lagares $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
SS Ruben Tejada $1.00 arb 2 arb 3

Bench 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
C Juan Centeno $0.50 arb 1 arb 2
C-IF Wilmer Flores $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
M-IF Justin Turner $0.80 arb 2 arb 3
OF Matt Den Dekker $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
UT Jordany Valdespin $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3

Others 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
DL Matt Harvey $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
DL Jeremy Hefner $0.50 arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
AAA Aaron Harang minor league deal FA
Buyout Jason Bay $3.00
Buyout Johan Santana $5.50
AAA Chad Bettis minor league pay arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
Camp Invite Grady Sizemore minor league deal FA
AAA Josh Satin minor league pay arb 1 arb 2 arb 3
AAA Gonzalez German minor league pay arb 1 arb 2 arb 3

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Team Salary $82.15 $42.05 $29.05 $20.00 $20.00

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