AAOP: The Plan

C-TDA/ Navarro-(2 year 6 million)- strong offensive backup C to help TDA. TDA struggled vs lefties last year- Navarro crushes them.

1b-Davis/Jeff Baker platoon(1 year 1 million)


SS- Drew (3 or 4 year 10 million per)

3B- Wright

LF- Mclouth (2 years 10 million)/Matt Murton (1 year 2 million from NPB)

CF- Lagares

RF- Byrd (2 year 7-8 per)

My Lineup would be-platoon based some but against RHP

Mclouth, Davis (yes in the 2 hole), DW, Byrd, Murphy, Drew, TDA, Lagares

Others-Tejada backup IF to Drew and Murphy and play vs Lefties atop the order. Good career OBP vs lefties. Both Drew and Murphy have some struggles vs Lefties.

Tyler Colvin (1 year 1 million or minor league deal) can provide lefty bat at CF and RF to backup Lagares Byrd and some power. Mclouth can play some CF, would not rule out giving out a minor deal to Grady Sizemore- catch some lefty power in a bottle.

A lot of usable power here- double digit HR power pretty much at every positon. This team needs power.

With the approach and baserunning the Mets have put together if they couple that with power they should score enough runs.

This team's defense should be much improved with the addition of Drew, Mclouth and Murton. Also TDA, Byrd and Lagares for the full year. Hopefully Davis and Ike return to GG form. We need Murphy to improve a lot.

Stash Duda, Flores, Puello, Satin and even Lutz in AA. Decent corner depth. MDD, Tovar, Plawecki (AA) also Ceteno OK middle of the field depth.

Still got Lutz, Brown, and Dysktra as well in AAA. Good overall depth.

Rotation- sign some depth guy at minor league deals like Harang and maybe even Santana.

But i think i would give Montero and Mejia the jobs.






We automatically gain depth in 2015 with the return of Harvey and Hefner.

Still got Degrom, Noah, Mazzoni, Verrett/Gorski in AAA with Harang. Good AAA rotation.




Hawkins (1 year 2-3 milion)





Depth- RHP Walters, Familia, Church, Bradford (nice season in AFL).

LHP- Leatherisch and Kolarek primarily. But aslo Gorski/Bennett/Fuller/Huchingson (after suspension) in AAA probably.

I think this is a team that has the necessary depth and talent in both the major league and minor league levels to "have competitive games in September" and be above 500 for now and in the future.Not going to do a projected wins per player but if you can look for yourself- some very real hope here.

Cost-right around 80 million- this is very doable without losing any draft picks or assets in trade. Don't think this is the year to make that farm emptying trade.

I would non tender Turner, Atchison, Q. Probably trade EY for a minor league piece or two. I know Duda in AAA seems like wasteful spending but this team needs the depth. If Sandy got a decent offer i guess you could trade him for something.

Come midseason if you are missing an offensive piece or two- can trade one SP or Murphy if they are healthy and get that bat and call up Noah and Flores (more reps at 2B). Have the minor league depth.

I think the Mets should be active in the rule 5 draft again this year. Try to get a couple relievers or position players. No real risk in investment. The Emaus disaster should not scare them. Keep trying. Cheap way to add talent. A couple of guys i have my eye on, but don't know if they will be protected or not. Will save that for another fanpost.

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