AAOP: Ballz To The Wall Edition

the contest did not say anything about only one entry per person so here is a second. this plan should never ever be implemented. i just wanted to see if i could get the Mets to the World series in 2014 on a shoe string budget. my real plan is a simple and measured approach to build a good team now and long term. but most of the other AAOP are so intricate, outlandish and some down right Kooky. to be honest i got a little jealous. i just wanted to see if i could make not only a great team but a WS favorite team on the cheap with legitimate trades. let me reiterate this plan is completely and utterly nuts so please if by some ungodly coincidence some Mets person with power reads this (like that would happen in a million years) don't do any iteration of it. u want to know how Nuts i get just look at my first trade.

1) i trade Noah Syndergaard to the Brewers for Ryan Braun, Norichika Aoki and Damien Magnifico (i really like Magnifico) hay Jeffrey Paternostro do i win ur signed ball?

2) i'm just getting warmed up i want to trade Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada to the A's for Jerry Blevins. we know how Bean Loves cheap guys with high OBP and Power he should go for it. Jed Lowrie also might have to be moved off SS soon so he should take Tejada.

3) we're not done yet lets trade Ike Davis, Wilmer Flores and Mike Fulmer for Chase Headly. Headly is on the last year before he hits free agency. he will not resign with the Padres because they don't have enough cash to pay him. this is a good amount of prospects for a 1 year rental.

4) i think this one is the worst kinda. let's sign Cano to a big long expensive contract that will hamstring the Mets for years only worse then Bay did. i want this to be insane, but realistic so 8 years 200-million sounds about right and i'm going to back load it a bit. 18-mill in 2014 and 26-mill the rest of the way. well if that's not crazy enough hold onto ur hats boys and girls. he is a good 2B and because i can't bare to trade Murphy let's force Cano to play SS. wow even i think that's super dumb and would beg the Mets to trade Murphy if we got Cano. but not for purpose of this post.

5) hay everybody lets trade a great prospect like Dominic Smith to the White Sox for Adam Dunn they will have to eat almost all of his contract though. since they signed the Cuban that can't play 1B so good i bet they would jump at the chance to trade Dunn. and that great prospect means the Mets should only stay on the hook for 1.8-mill. u may say but hank there is no DH in the NL. and to that i say he gets to sit on out bench and PH Home Runs from time to time.

6) now this one is a big let down in the lunacy department Latroy Hawkins 1 year 1.3 mill he just fits

7) boring also makes alot of sense for the Mets to consider and helps the team alot on the cheap Jose Molina 1 year 1.5mill

8) why not Trade Justin Turner and JV1 for something that's really just better then DFA them and u getting nothing. Matt McBride the Rockies catcher who is not on their 40-man and will not be on the Mets 40-man he's not nothing but he's almost nothing.

thats it i'm done and by done i mean well-done

SP- Zack Wheeler, Jon Niese, Dillon Gee, Rafael Montero, Jenrry Mejia

PEN- Bobby Parnell, Jerry Blevins, Vic Black, LaTroy Hawkins, Josh Edgin, Carlos Torres, Scott Rice

Bench- Eric Young, Matt Den-Dekker, Jose Molina, Adam Dunn, Wilfredo Tovar


RF- Norichika Aoki

2B- Daniel Murphy

3B- David Wright

SS- Robinson Cano

LF- Ryan Braun

1B- Chase Headly

C- Travis d'arnaud

CF- Juan Lagares

projected 2014 payroll

David Wright $20

Jon Niese $5

Norichika Aoki $1.5

Ryan Braun $10

Robinson Cano $18

Chase Headly $10

Jose Molina $1.5

LaTroy Hawkins $1.3

Adam Dunn $1.8

Equals 69.1-million

these players are arbitration eligible

Daniel Murphy $5.8

Dillon Gee $3.4

Bobby Parnell $3.2

Jerry Blevins $2

Eric Young, Jr $1.9

Equals $16.3

there are 9 players on the 25-man that are pre arb so that means they make the league min $500,000 equals $4.5-million

Wilfredo Tovar, Matt Den-dekker, Travis d'Arnaud, Vic Black, Josh Edgin, Carlos Torres, Scott Rice, Zack Wheeler, Jenrry Mejia, Rafael Montero

so the total 2014 Mets payroll is $89.9-million and i'm under the 90-mill mark with the world series favorite. scratch that the undisputed best team in baseball 1-1 odds of winning world series.

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