AAOP: Traid People 2. ????????? 3. Winz!

(This is my first post. What's up guys?)

Things to do:

1. Trade Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, Zack Wheeler, David Wright, Wilmer Flores, and Travis d'Arnaud to the Angels for Mike Trout

/end thread






























Just kidding.

I'm lazy as hell, so I used bullet points for most of this.

Things to do:

1. Sign Jhonny Peralta for 3 years $30 million

-No brainer. He's probably the best shortstop on the market.

2. Trade Daniel Murphy and Domingo Tapia to the Orioles for Zach Britton and Eduardo Rodriguez

-Murphy is a good stopgap until Jonathan Schoop is ready

-I'm kind of reluctant on giving up Tapia too, but Eduardo Rodriguez is becoming a big-time prospect; plus stuff, lefty, struck out 8.9/9 and walked 3.6/9 as the youngest pitcher in the eastern league

-The plan with Britton is to use him as a reliever. It's possible that the change of scenery helps him and he impresses as a starter in spring training, but probably not.

-Eduardo Rodriguez would add yet another high upside pitcher to the Mets system, mid-rotation potential

- also, a triple-a rotation of Noah Syndergaard, Rafael Montero, Eduardo Rodriguez, Jacob DeGrom, and Cory Mazzoni would be pretty sick.

3. Sign Marlon Byrd for 1 year $6 million with $4 million mutual option

4. Trade Kevin Plawecki to the Dodgers for Scott Van Slyke and Onelki Garcia

-Dodgers have no catching depth

-Dodgers have excess of outfielders

-Scott Van Slyke is undervalued, could be an above average outfielder

-He's raked for most of his minor league career and hit 240/342/465 in the majors this year with a 13% walk rate and 24% strikeout rate. I don't see why he wouldn't produce as an everyday player in the MLB.

-Despite his size he is a solid defender, not going to have to move to first base anytime soon

-Onelki Garcia is really good, would give Mets another power lefty to go along with Edgin

-double-a stats are misleading, was much better as a reliever

-makes bullpen potentially good, instead of just average

5. Sign Jason Vargas for 2 years $12million

-reliable 190+ innings a year outside of this year with anomaly blood clot

-can basically be Arroyo for less money

-curveball dramatically increased usage; 3.7 pitch value, way higher than any of his breaking pitches have ever been worth; maybe he figured something out?

6. Sign Nate McLouth for 2 years $10 million

-Can't hit lefties at all, so he'll have to platoon with Marlon Byrd.

7. Trade Ike Davis to the Rays for Mike Montgomery

- Either he or Britton can fill the final bullpen spot, but Montgomery still has a lot of upside as a starter and he's younger so he can start in triple-a.

8. Trade Scott Rice to the A's for Stephen Vogt

-The A's want some relief help

-They already have Derek Norris and John Jaso, they don't need Vogt. He's a good back-up catcher, better than Juan Centeno and cheaper than a free agent.

9. Sign Nick Punto for 1 year $2 million

-I'm not that convinced that Flores is going to be productive.

- he's generally worth about 1-1.5 WAR a year and he plays good defense at second, shortstop, and third base. Also we don't want anymore Omar Quintinilla's playing everyday if someone falters. The Mets need more depth.

10. Let's sign some guys to minor league contracts

-Whatever. Minor league depth. Hopefully one of them turns into Byrd/Dickey.


We need more of this.

Starting Lineup:

Jhonny Peralta

Wilmer Flores

David Wright

Lucas Duda vs RHP/Josh Satin vs LHP

Scott Van Slyke

Marlon Byrd vs LHP/Nate McLouth vs RHP

Travis d'Arnaud

Juan Lagares


Marlon Byrd/Nate McLouth

Eric Young Jr.

Nick Punto

Lucas Duda/Josh Satin

Stephen Vogt


Jon Niese

Zack Wheeler

Dillon Gee

Jenrry Mejia

Jason Vargas


Bobby Parnell

Vic Black

Jeurys Familia

Carlos Torres

Onelki Garcia

Josh Edgin

Zach Britton

Britton and Torres can fill in in the starting rotation if need be.

Others worth mentioning-

Ruben Tejada- He'll be playing every day for Las Vegas. He still has potential and he can fill in for someone in the case of an injury. He might start playing well again and force his way back into the team's plans.

Starting Pitching Prospects- Rafael Montero, Noah Syndergaard and Jacob

DeGrom are all going to be called up at some point.

Relief Pitching Prospects- Jack Leathersich and Jeff Walters are almost ready for the Big Leagues. Gonzalez Germen is the go to guy if someone gets injured.

Cesar Puello- He might be called up later in the year.

Total Payroll: around 81 million

Final Thoughts-

-I focused on giving the team depth everywhere.

-I wanted to make the bullpen legitimately good. There are some risks in there, but every pitcher has big upside except maybe Carlos Torres. Gonzalez Germen and Mike Montgomery are around, so the Mets don't have to immediately resort to crappy 35 year old journeyman if someone gets hurt.

-The rest of the team is improved quite a bit without sacrificing the future at all.

And That's It!

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