AAOP: Pitching, Doubles and Youth

First off, I've heard way too much about signing Cano and Choo to mega deals. Thats just not the Mets strategy in the offseason and therefore I will not sign any position players to three-year deals and instead look to get young players with team control as many playoff teams do (Cardinals and Rays)


The Rays will shop David Price and the Rangers need an ace to pair up with Darvish and a first baseman who can be paired up with Moreland. With this being said the Rays are in no need for a shortstop (Hak-Ju Lee) but they need a pitcher with years of team control to build around with Matt Moore and a catcher who is on a fast-track to the majors. The Trade is Price and Flores to the Rangers, Zack Wheeler and Kevin Plawecki to the Rays and Jurickson Profar and Craig Gentry to the Mets. This solves a high percentage of the Mets problems as far as a leadoff hitter in Profar, stellar defensive shortstop and a left handed outfielder with some pop who can play just about every outfield position. I love Wheeler but if he is the one thing between the Mets and Profar then you have to put the trigger on the deal.

The next trade is Bobby Parnell Luis Mateo and Cory Mazzoni for Nick Castellanos. Castellanos is a top hitting prospect who can play right field. He has a 70 future hitting grade and a 60 future power grade on the 20-80 scale. He could be plugged right into the heart of our lineup on Opening Day and be a cornerstone for the future. The Tigers want to go to the WS and they need a closer, a perfect fit.

Free Agents:

SIgn Ervin Santana to a 4 year- 65 million dollar deal (15,16,16,17) as our number 2 behind Jon Neise and then eventually our number 4 behind Harvey, Syndergaard and Niese. Remember that our draft pick is protected so he isn't even costing us a 1st round pick!

Lets bring Joe Nathan back to New York, he went to Stony Brook University on Long Island, on a 1 year- 11 million deal with a team option for 12 million. He would be our closer and help mentor Vic Black unlike Frankie Fransisco did to Parnell

Sign RP Jesse Crain 1 year-6 million and team option for 7.5 in 2015

Sign Daisuke Matzusaka for 1 year- 1 million as a clear placeholder in the 5th rotation spot till June


Daniel Murphy deserves a raise. Plain and simple I'm with 28 and I think he deserves 24 million over 4 years (5,5,7,7)

Non-tenders/ Cut:

Ike Davis can't stay consistent at the plate or in the field anymore so he will not be coming to PSL next year

Ruben Tejada is out of favor of management and my opinion as well.

Jordany Valdespin is a mess and a half and I don't want him in the clubhouse at all.

Omar Quintanilla isn't needed with Profar and Tovar on the roster.

Kirk Niewenhuis just doesn't have a spot in my 5 outfielders

Justin Turner just isn't needed on the roster with the emergence of Tovar and Satin

WIth all these moves the Mets avoided a 100 million dollar contract while drastically improving both their offense, bullpen and pitching staff even without Harvey.

The lineup would be 1. Profar S-SS, 2. Murphy L-2B 3. Wright 3B-R, 4. Lucas Duda L-1B 5. Nick Castellanos R-RF 6. Craig Gentry R-LF, 7. Travis d' Arnaud R-C 8. Juan Lagares R-CF 9. Pitcher

Pitching Rotations for next two years! 2014: 1. Jon Niese L, 2. Ervin Santana, 3. Dillon Gee, 4. Rafeal Montero 5. Daisuke Matzusaka (Noah Syndergaard in June). 2015. 1. Matt Harvey 2. Ervin Santana 3. Jon Niese 4. Noah Syndergaard 5. Jeremy Hefner or Rafeal Montero.

Bullpen: Closer-Joe Nathan, Setup Man- Vic Black, 7th Inning Guy- Jesse Crain, Lefty Specialists Pedro Feliciano and Josh Edgin, Carlos Torres and my wild card and personal favorite Gonzalez Germen

Bench: Eric Young Jr, Anthony Recker, Wilfred Tovar, Josh Satin and Matt den Decker

Total Budget: 85 million give or take a few million

David Wright- 20 million, Ervin Santana- 15 million, Joe Nathan- 11 million, Jesse Crain- 6 million, Johan Santana 5.5 million buyout, Jon Niese- 5 million, Daniel Murphy- 5 million Jason Bay- 3 million buyout, ARBITRATION PROJECTIONS: Dillon Gee 3.5 million, Eric Young Jr. 2 million and 13 players making under 1 million.

25-man roster:

Travis d'Arnaud, Anthony Recker, Lucas Duda, Daniel Murphy, Jurickson Profar, Wilfred Tovar, Josh Satin, David Wright, Craig Gentry, Eric Young Jr., Juan Lagares, Matt den Decker, Nick Castellanos, Jon Niese, Ervin Santana, Dillon Gee, Rafael Montero, Daisuke Matzusaka, Joe Nathan, Vic Black, Jesse Crain, Pedro Feliciano, Josh Edgin, Gonzalez Germen and Carlos Torres

Im sorry I don't have any tables or saber metrical stats but I think I make it up with a reasonable plan that actually could be done by Sandy Alderson. My outfield will play stellar defense and will get on base frequently letting David Wright and Lucas Duda rack up the ribies. With a line-up that can get doubles all day we will score runs and the pitching will hold the leads so I believe this team can win 90 games next year and then 100 wins in 2015 with internal additions of Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey and Jeremy Hefner. I love homegrown and hometown players and this roster is chock full of them. Let me know your opinions on my master plan!

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