AAOP: Operation Radical & Crazy

My original AAOP involved lots of platoons, but I found that rather boring. Therefore, I moved onto plan B, which is to make lots of radical moves.

First, the tenders and non tenders:

Tender: Dillon Gee, Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, Ruben Tejada, Bobby Parnell, Ike Davis

Non Tender: Eric Young Jr., Scott Atchison, Omar Quintanilla, Justin Turner

Free Agent Contracts

Jacoby Ellsbury, 7-years, $120 million

With the contract structured as follows: $15, $16, $17, $18, $18, $18, $18. Ellsbury is a really good player and I’d prefer to sign him over Choo. I’ve seen some contracts for Ellsbury that are far less, which to me is ridiculous. I think Ellsbury gets $120 million or so.

Paul Maholm, 2-years, $12 million

Maholm didn’t get a great contract the last time around, and I think he provides a good value. His 3.89 xFIP is close to league average.

Chris Capuano, 1-year, $4 million

He had some injury issues, so I think he’ll be cheap. Despite his 4.26 ERA, his peripherals were pretty good. He had a 3.55 FIP and 3.67 xFIP.

Michael Gonzalez, 1-year, $1 million

He struggled this year, but I think it was because of bad luck. He had a 3.44 xFIP against LHH this year and a 2.93 xFIP for his career.

Bartolo Colon, 2-years, $12 million

I don’t think anybody will want to give him 2 years, but I have no real problem doing that. If he has a season anywhere near as good as his 2013 in 2014, he won’t even need to pitch the second year.


This is where stuff gets crazy.

Jon Niese & Daniel Murphy to the Kansas City Royals for Kyle Zimmer and Tim Collins

The Royals will need some pitching and a second baseman. I think they’d give up Zimmer.

Kyle Zimmer, Rafael Montero, Brandon Nimmo, Kevin Plawecki, & Ike Davis for Troy Tulowitzki and Juan Nicasio

Zimmer and Montero are both solid prospects and Zimmer has a lot of upside. I like Nicasio as a good bullpen piece who can step into the rotation quite easily. The Rockies agree to pay $5 million in 2014 salary.

Noah Syndergaard & Zack Wheeler for Giancarlo Stanton

The most radical of my suggestions. I think this would get the deal done. I prefer hitters to pitchers long term and I think this is the right move. I’d probably sign Stanton to an extension of some sort.

Logan Verrett for Andrew Lambo

It doesn't need to be Verrett, it can be any C prospect. I like Lambo a lot as a LH bat.

All told, here is the current state of the team


C: Travis d’Arnaud

1B: Lucas Duda & Josh Satin platoon

2B: Wilmer Flores

3B: David Wright

SS: Troy Tulowitzki

RF: Giancarlo Stanton

CF: Juan Lagares

LF: Jacoby Ellsbury


C: Anthony Recker

IF: Ruben Tejada

OF: Andrew Brown

OF: Andrew Lambo


SP: Bartolo Colon

SP: Dillon Gee

SP: Paul Maholm

SP: Chris Capuano

SP: Jenrry Mejia


Closer: Bobby Parnell

Setup: Carlos Torres

Middle Relief: Tim Collins, Vic Black

LOOGY: Scott Rice, Michael Gonzalez

Long Man: Juan Nicasio


I used MLB Trade Rumors on all the arb eligible guys, including those on other teams

Player Salary
Bay $3.0
Black $0.5
Brown $0.5
Capuano $4.0
Collins $1.0
Colon $6.0
d'Arnaud $0.5
Duda $1.8
Ellsbury $15.0
Flores $0.5
Gee $3.4
Gonzalez $1.0
Lagares $0.5
Lambo $0.5
Maholm $6.0
Mejia $0.5
Nicasio $0.5
Parnell $3.2
Recker $0.5
Rice $0.5
Santana $5.5
Satin $0.5
Stanton $4.8
Tejada $1.0
Torres $0.5
Tulowitzki $11.0
Wright $20.0
TOTAL $82.7

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