a few teams who match up well in a trade with the Mets

New York Mets

Colorado Rockies: they have a big log jam in the OF. if u believe what the Rockies management is saying and Carlos Gonzalez not being traded. i also doubt Dexter Fowler is going to be traded. so that leaves one outfield position open for Corey Dickerson, Tim Wheeler, Charlie Culberson, Charlie Blackmon. all 4 of those guys are young, good MLB ready prospects. the Rockies need Pitching badly i know they have said they want position players but they really don't need anymore position players, they need pitching. Nolan Arenado is a great defensive 3B. DJ LeMahieu plays a good 2B. Michael Cuddyer will probably be moved to 1B. and everyone knows that they have a great catcher named Wilin Rosario. i really think the Mets can go to them and ask for any of those 4 OF and not have to give up much.

Los Angeles Dodgers: they are so overloaded with OF i have no idea why they would want Mike Baxter. Yasiel Puig obviously isn't going anywhere. Carl Crawford seems to be having some sort of miraculous renaissance, i don't think he is getting traded. Matt Kemp contract is too long and onerous to unload even if they eat a significant portion of it because of the injury concerns. Andre Ethier could be had for a bag of balls and the Dodgers would even eat most of the contract. Scott Van Slyke has legitimate power that i like but the ability to hit for average worries me. Nick Buss had great numbers in AAA. but he is a CF leadoff hitter type and the Dodgers probably want to retain him. Joc Pederson seems like a good prospect but he is not banging on the proverbial MLB door and forcing his trade yet.

Los Angeles Angels: Mike Trout is their everyday CF for the next decade. Josh Hamilton is singed to a big long expensive contract so he playes everyday. that leaves only one open OF spot for Kole Calhoun, J.B. Shuck, Peter Bourjos, and Mark Trumbo. Tumbo is probably going to DH for them but he could probably be had. the other guys could all be had.

Kansas City Royals: they have alot of holes but the OF is not one of them. there are only 3 OF spot and they have Jarrod Dyson, Justin Maxwell, Alex Gordon, David Lough, Lorenzo Cain. all of them are good OF and could be everyday players. i would like Alex Gordon he might be getting too expensive for the Royals and there are younger OF forcing their way into the lineup.

just some other guys i like as a 1 year band aid if u believe Cesar Puello is the real deal. most are free agents and the others will not cost too much in a trade.

Rajai Davis

Tyler Colvin

Nate McLouth

Franklin Gutiérrez

Matthew Joyce

Ryan Sweeney

Craig Gentry

Chris Heisey

Nate Schierholtz

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