AAOP: The Mets can win 81 games with these moves.


First thing's first.

Current Guaranteed Contracts

David Wright: $20MM

Jon Niese: $5.5MM

Arbitration Contracts being picked up

Dillon Gee: $3.4MM

Ike Davis: $3.5MM

Lucas Duda: $1.8MM

Justin Turner: $800K

Eric Young: $1.8MM

Bobby Parnell: $3.2MM

Ruben Tejada: $1MM

You'll notice that Daniel Murphy is not mentioned in the Arbitration contract section. That is because I would like to sign him to a 3 year $20MM extension with a $5/$7/$8MM breakdown. I'm in the camp of people who support Daniel Murphy. He'll set a good example for the young guys coming up like David Wright does and he'll continue to do the things that he has proven he can do: run the bases well, play acceptable defense, and hit at an above average rate.

The Mets need a hero in the outfield. They need someone they can count on to be a stalwart with the bat to play the outfield to make a bat like Eric Young okay (he makes our lineup better based on the belief that one guy may not be valuable on his own as much as he makes other batters more productive). That's why I believe the Mets should make a trade for Joc Pederson. He's ready to come up next year and he's shown that he can at least be Mike Trout light out there. But I'd take Mike Trout light over Collin Cowgil.

The Proposed Trade:

Mets: Joc Pederson

Dodgers: Wilmer Flores, Cory Mazzoni

The Mets get a guy who can hit 20 homers with 20 steals and a .300 batting average who will play good enough defense in the corners with Lagares holding down centerfield. However, I'd at least start him in AAA for service time purposes, though I'm not adverse to the early May call up.

The Dodgers get a guy at third or second who can really hit (sorry Mark Ellis/Juan Uribe) and a pitcher who can pitch in relief or in the rotation as I'm sure they're hungry for depth after all the starting pitchers they went through this year.

As far as I'm concerned, the hole at shortstop is glaring and it's a result of holding faith in a non-projectable shortstop like Ruben Tejada. That's why I believe the Mets should make a trade for Chris Owings. Owings is a projectable young shortstop in the Arizona Diamondbacks farm system who grades out similarly to Zack Cozart. He'll do a little everything, including hitting for modest power with a decent average and adequate defensive skills. Scouts seem to think he'll stick in the middle infield, and he represents a boost in all tools above Tejada.

The Proposed Trade:

Mets: Chris Owings, Zeke Spruill, A.J. Pollock

DBacks: Rafael Montero, Kevin Plawecki, Domingo Tapia, Wilfredo Tovar, Justin Turner

The DBacks get a fifth starter who's ready now to fill the void in their rotation, a sturdy catcher who'll be ready when Miguel Montero's contract is up and a flamethrowing relief pitcher in the making with Domingo Tapia. Turner and Tovar are throw-ins, with Turner providing backup infield depth and sufficient grission for Kirk Gibson's squad and Tovar holding down short at AAA.

The Mets get a projectable, albeit wild, potential starter in Zeke Spruill to stash in AAA for depth while they work on his control issues and A.J. Pollock to hold down the fort until Joc Pederson is ready. With A.J. and E.Y. wreaking havoc at the top of the order, the Mets would have twice as much of a spark as they had last year.

The reason this deal happens is based on the fact that Chris Owings is blocked by Didi Gregorious at shortstop. That means that we know that Chris Owings is less valuable in terms of the Diamondbacks roster. That means that all general managers know it and Sandy is prime to take advantage of that. The Diamondbacks may have soured on Spruill after his subpar major league debut, but I think his control issues can be solved in our farm system and he can be better than he was. So what would a front office think to do to solve a wild starter? Acquire one with precise control, Rafael Montero.

Jose Molina and Mark Reynolds will be signed to one year $3MM contracts to back up d'Arnaud and to provide platoon/bench power. Latroy Hawkins gets a one year $2.5MM contract to set up for Parnell again. Jason Marquis gets a one year $3MM contract with incentives to make it $5MM. His role is to solidify the back end of the rotation with a durable and expectable production level. Finally the Mets will sign Marlon Byrd to a two year $8MM contract, hoping that he can perform at some semblance of this year's production.

This brings the budget to around $75MM when you crunch the numbers.

Opening Day Lineup

1. Eric Young Jr. (LF)

2. Daniel Murphy (2B)

3. David Wright (3B)

4. Marlon Byrd (RF)

5. Ike Davis (1B)

6. Juan Lagares (CF)

7. Travis d'Arnaud (C)

8. Chris Owings (SS)

Starting Rotation

1. Jon Niese

2. Zack Wheeler

3. Dillon Gee

4. Jason Marquis

5. Jenrry Mejia


CL: Bobby Parnell

SU: Latroy Hawkins

LOOGY: Scott Rice

MR: Josh Edgin

MR: Jack Leathersich/Jeff Walters

MR: Vic Black

Swingman: Carlos Torres


Backup Catcher: Jose Molina

Corner Infield: Mark Reynolds

Utility Infielder: Ruben Tejada

Backup Outfielder: A.J. Pollock

Pinch-Hitter Extraordinaire: Josh Satin

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