AAOP: What i Would Do And Why

New York Mets

the farm system is just getting going and starting to spit out MLB ready players. i would like a feeder system along the same lines of the Rays. if the Mets make a big trade for a Tulowitzki, Gonzalez, Stanton, Braun, Kemp or that type of player, it will decimate what ever Sandy has tried to build over these last 5 agonizing years. it's not that i'm invested in these young players from years of hearing their names. it's that with steroids out of the game age matters alot more now. having a team of guys around 25 years old is not considered a young team, it's an ideal situation. i would trade good youth for good youth but not for players on the wrong side of 30 signed till they are almost 40.

players like Goldschmidt and Upton are signing these deals to over pay their Arb years now in order for the team to delay free agency a few years. and many more teams will follow suit. i don't think the Mets will be easily able to get any player at or under 30 in the free agent market soon. i don't think any team will get another great player at or under 30 on the FA market in a couple of years. building talent from within is going to be the only way to win. i think the Yankees model will have a very hard reality check coming soon. the FA market is down this year and i don't think it will pick up again. don't get me wrong there will always be great players to sign but instead of being 27-31 they will be 32-35 years old now. i don't think u will see another great 25 year old player on the FA Market after Stanton.

while i would love any of those superstars i mentioned it's hard to make a trade that would mortgage the future. especially with what is coming on the horizon. these players sound good Thor and Montero are making top 10 and top 100 lists and alot of other Mets are making 150 and 200 top prospect in baseball lists. i'm not naive i don't think they will all be stars but i'm willing to take the risk on some of them failing if some of them can succeed. i'm way more willing to watch kids get a shot and fail then former superstars signed to long expensive deals decline after 30 like Jason Bay again. the repercussions from a high prospect failing is minute but a Jason Bay 2.0 can hamstring an organization for years.

now here is what i would do, i can live with Josh Satin and Lucas Duda at 1B thats fine. Ruben Tejada is a super 2 and will cost 1-million he is fine too for 2014. they are not long term solutions as of now but they could grow into long term fixes. Wilmer Flores goes back to AAA to learn 1B. he is still young and could hit enough to take the job outright from Satin and Duda by the all star break.

1) sign Murphy to an extension 5-years 40-million 5, 7, 9, 10, 9 sounds about right with a mutual option for a 6th year

2) i would trade Ike Davis to the Brewers for Damien Magnifico. he throws 100-Mph fastball! even though his ERA is 6.08 that was due to him starting games. i believe moving him from the rotation to the bull pen will help him immensely. he could learn alot from Parnell, maybe Bobby can even teach him the Knuckle curve that Izzy taught Parnell. the brewers got the worst production from 1B in all of MLB .206/.259/.370. compared to that even Ike looks good, he also has a high upside.

3) i would like to sign Choo for 4 years at 66-million but i think he will want the 5th year. so i would begrudgingly give him 5-years 75-million. i think the 1st round draft pick that Choo will cost to certain teams will preclude many teams from bidding on him and ultimately drive down his price. Pence did not cost any pick because he was signed to an extension. Pence is also a year younger then Choo.

4) i would love to bring back Beltran. but instead i have to bring back Brown to play LF. (i thought the buyout money and the Bay money was already tacked onto the 2013 payroll. if i didn't have to include that into my AAOP i would have had enough for Beltran.) on the bright side Andrew Brown is still pre arb. that should also give the Mets time to look at DenDekker if they platoon. there will be no problem if they bring up Puello in 2014 he should be ready soon.

5) the Mets could use another Vet starting pitcher as well, so i would sign Phil Hughes for a 1 year pillow contract for 4-million with a team option for a 2nd. getting him out of that little league park the Yankees call a stadium will quell his Home Run hiccups. then getting him into the vastness of Citi will cure it all together. how sweet would it be to get the Yankees former star Hughes coming off a down year and have him become star for the Mets.

6) Travis D'arnaud looks great behind the plate but he could use an old sage to keep him on the right path and to me that's Jose Molina. from what i have seen D'arnaud dose not need to learn anything on defense but if he dose Molina will teach him.

7) the Mets could use a reliever LaTroy Hawkins should not cost too much 1-years 2-million. he is the veteran pitcher this young bullpen needs.

8) i hate paying Johan Santana 5.5-mill to pitch for another team so i won't. i renegotiate his contract to a 1 year 7.5-million deal to pitch for the Mets. that should give the Mets young players like Montero and Mejia time to grow in AAA. and if Santana gets hurt they should be ready to take his place. i think having Santana show the kids how it's done will be extremely valuable. that's it off season 2014 completed in 8 moves.

2015 the Mets can look to fix 1B and SS if they can't find solution's in house. Chase Headley can play 1B and J.J Hardy can play SS. if the Mets do this i think they can win a WS in 2015 and still hold on to that all important youth in the minors. after the season the Mets just went through i hope the Mets have learned first hand that there is no such thing as a surplus of pitching.

SP- Zack Wheeler, Jon Niese, Dillon Gee, Phil Hughes, Johan Santana

PEN- Bobby Parnell, LaTroy Hawkins, Vic Black, Jeurys Familia, Josh Edgin, Carlos Torres, Scott Rice

Bench- Eric Young, Matt Den-Dekker, Jose Molina, Justin Turner, Josh Satin


RF- Shin-Soo Choo

2B- Daniel Murphy

3B- David Wright

1B- Lucas Duda / Josh Satin

LF- Andrew Brown / Den-Dekker

C- Travis d'arnaud

CF- Juan Lagares

SS- Ruben Tejada

projected 2014 payroll

Daniel Murphy $5

David Wright $20

Jon Niese $5

Shin-Soo Choo $15

Jose Molina $2

LaTroy Hawkins $2

Phil Hughes $4

Johan Santana 7.5

Equals 60.5-million

these players are arbitration eligible

Dillon Gee $3.4

Ruben Tejada (super 2) $1

Justin Turner $.8

Lucas Duda (super 2) $1.8

Bobby Parnell $3.2

Eric Young, Jr $1.9

Equals $12.1

there are 9 players on the 25-man that are pre arb so that means they make the league min $500,000 equals $4.5-million

Josh Satin, Matt Den-dekker, Travis d'Arnaud, Vic Black, Jeurys Familia, Josh Edgin, Zack Wheeler, Carlos Torres, Scott Rice, Andrew Brown,

dead money Jason Bay $3-mill

so the total 2014 Mets payroll is $80.1-million

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