EDIT: I realize I'm late for the contest, but I did it for fun anyway.

JOHAN'S REVENGE PART I: THE ROSTER - Total Payroll = 80.3 mil

C) Travis d'Arnaud 500k

1B) Ike Davis 3 mil

2B) Daniel Murphy 5.5 mil

3B) David Wright 20 mil

SS) Chris Owings 500k

CF) Juan Lagares 500k

LF) Eric Young Jr. 2.5 mil

RF) Jose Bautista 14 mil


C) Jose Molina 1 mil

IF) Josh Satin 500k

IF) Justin Turner 800k

OF) Matt den Dekker 500k

OF) Grady Sizemore 1.5 mil


1) L Jonathon Niese 5 mil

2) R Bartolo Colon 7 mil

3) R Zack Wheeler 500k

4) L Johan Santana 1.5 mil

5) R Jenrry Mejia 500k


R Noah Syndergaard 500k


CL) Bobby Parnell 2 mil

SU) Vic Black 500k

SU) LaTroy Hawkins 2 mil

RHP) Jeurys Familia 500k

RHP) Carlos Torres 500k

LHP) Scott Rice 500k

LHP) Jack Leathersich 500k


1) S Eric Young Jr. / L Grady Sizemore

2) R Chris Owings

3) L Daniel Murphy

4) R David Wright

5) R Jose Bautista

6) L Ike Davis / R Josh Satin

7) R Travis d'Arnaud

8) R Juan Lagares / L Matt den Dekker


TRADE Dillon Gee, Rafael Montero, Kevin Plawecki, Lucas Duda

for Jose Bautista 14 mil/2014

I believe this is a trade that HAS to be made for the Mets to contend for anything in 2014 and 2015. We need a real star behind David Wright, and Bautista seems to hit the sweet spot for the Mets as far as talent/cost. He is 33 years old and somewhat injury-prone, but if he's in the lineup, he WILL produce. To get the deal done, we'll have to give up a fair amount in Dillon Gee and Rafael Montero. I think this will work out for us, since we still get to keep "The Core Four" In Harvey/Wheeler/Syndergaard/Niese for 2015, and for 2014, I think the production of Gee and Montero can be easily reproduced through Free Agent signings. The Jays also need catching depth, which Plawecki provides, and could also use Duda to help fill the power void Bautista leaves. We truly need a bat, and who better than Joey Bats to fill that role? Hopefully the Jays like this package.

TRADE Wilmer Flores, Gabriel Ynoa, Ruben Tejada

for Chris Owings 500K

This trade I think will be a little more tricky, but in the end could definitely happen. The D-backs are trading from excess with Owings, as they have several great SS prospects in their farm system. They also seem to have an excess of Right Handed hitters, and Owings would only add to that, whereas Didi Gregorius fits much better as a lefty, and plays better defense. Owings and Flores seem to be on a similar level prospect-wise, with Owings taking the slight edge with his speed and superior defense. As such, Flores and a couple of other promising players should get the job done. In any case, I think the D-backs are definitely balancing out their system with this deal, and in the end probably walk away with more trade value. They don't really need what Flores provides, but they could easily include him in a trade for another player, or keep him as depth on the bench. The Mets on the other hand, walk away with their future shortstop.

SIGN Bartolo Colon 1 yr/ 7 Mil

Just look at this man's numbers the past few years. He's clearly got this figured out, and I think he's our best bet at replacing Harvey's production for 2014. He was a legitimate ace last year, and for a 1 year/ 7 million dollar contract he'll be a success if he does anything close to that in 2014. He'd be great support for Niese, Wheeler, and Santana at the front end of the rotation.

SIGN Johan Santana 1 yr/1.5 Mil + 5.5 Mil Buyout

If you can bring a Mets legend back for pennies on the dollar, you do it. It's time for Johan's last stand in Queens. We've lost Harvey for 2014, but that doesn't mean we can't watch an ace next year. Like Colon, if Johan can produce anything close to his former-ace self, this signing will be a resounding success. The two of Colon and Santana only need to really stay healthy until Syndergaard arrives, so with that in mind I'd love to see Johan back one last time.

SIGN Jose Molina 1 yr/1 Mil

A No-brainer. We need a mentor for d'Arnaud, and Molinas are the shit.

SIGN LaTroy Hawkins 2 yr/4 Mil

Bring back Hawkins to tutor this young bullpen and setup for Parnell.

SIGN Grady Sizemore 1 yr/1.5 mil

Bring him into Spring Training and see what he can do. Let him compete with Eric Young Jr. If Grady Sizemore can make a comeback on the Mets, hopefully that could numb some of the leftover pain from the memories of Jason Bay. I'll take a chance for a mil and some change.


On an $80 million dollar payroll, I can't seem to come up with much better than this. I think the trades are realistic and the team, at least on paper, seems pretty good. We get a proven bat in Jose Bautista and a shortstop in Chris Owings, and although we give up some pitching our Free Agents can make up for it while we wait for the dream rotation in 2015. In the meantime, I think Niese/Colon/Wheeler all have a chance to win 15 games, with Syndergaard in the wings, and Santana/Mejia solidifying the back end.

This plan does count on some of our core players to make improvements at the plate. Mainly, Travis d'Arnaud and Ike Davis need to start figuring things out. Chris Owings needs to live up to his potential, and Daniel Murphy plays a much bigger role as our third best hitter. However, all of these players have a ton of potential, and are all due for breakout years. I think Ike can thrive in a supporting role in Queens with his great defense, as long as the home runs come through. Scouts have been raving about d'Arnaud for a long time. Chris Owings is fairly revered as a prospect, and Daniel Murphy is one of the more underrated players in baseball. As a supporting cast, I think this group can explode offensively, with their defense (aside from Murphy) all being solid. Also, I believe in Eric Young's ability to be a consistent threat on the bases. He led the NL in stolen bases last season; something that should not be ignored. If he can improve his OBP a little bit, he can be a very valuable piece in our lineup.

What do you think?

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