The Worst Mets of the last 5 years at each position

So I was paroozing through the recent AA Fan Posts, all the posts about Shin-Soo Choo, some trade suggestions (mostly ridiculous ones) involving CarGo, Tulo, Stanton, etc. And it was probably to be expected, this offseason is a hot of a topic and it's very interesting. Despite that, I figured we could change it up, and talk about something else, just for one thread. Let's take a break from the trade talks, and free agency targets.

I figured I'd make a completely random post. Something that's really not relevant, but still a fun topic to think about. So, I sat down, tried to think of something creative, and I wound up getting distracted by the Tiger's-A's playoff game. Then I thought to myself how I barely remembered the Mets' last post-season appearence in 2006, and how awesome a playoff game in Citi Field would be. That brought me back to dark memories of all the years since, and all the crappy players we've had. That's when it hit me. The worst Mets at each position since they became irrelevant, 5 years ago.

Let's be honest, the past 5 seasons (2009-2013) have sucked. They've seen this team go from a serious playoff contender, to an average team, to an absolute mess, to a team in complete rebuilding process. It's been a pretty bad 5 years, and through these tough times, there have been some a lot of bad players. So let's point out the all-suck team of the last 5 years

I did have to make some qualifications, though, so the list was players we know, and it didn't consist of slap-dicks and September call-ups who we don't remember. Hitters must have played a minimum of 81 games for the Mets, starters must have a minimum of 100 innings for the Mets, and relievers must have a minimum of 25 appearences.

Catcher: Josh Thole

Ever since Paul Lo Duca left, the Mets catching situation has been nothing short of a nightmare. Before John Buck's amazing month of April, you could've made the argument that Rod Barajas was the most productive catcher the Mets have had since Lo Duca, for his great first two months of 2010. Josh Thole was with the Mets from 2009-2012, but was the starting catcher from mid-2010 until last off-season season when he was traded. Thole had a great September call-up in 2009, and had a great start to his 2010 season before he tanked the rest of the year, but finished with a respectable .277 batting average. However he struggled his next 2 seasons, hitting .268 in 2011 and was atrocious in 2012, and batted just .234. He didn't hit for a lick of power, he hit 7 homers in 3 years, and his career slugging percentage is just .322. Not to mention he was awful defensively and led the league in passed balls in 2011. You could probably make the case for a few other catchers, but to me, Josh Thole stands out as the worst.

1st Baseman: 2013 Ike Davis

This is a position that actually required thought. Ike Davis had a great 2010, a great start to 2011, and hit 32 homers in 2012, and I am and always have been a huge Ike Davis fan, so I really didn't want to put him on my list. I seriously considered putting Mike Jacobs on this list, who if you can remember was the 2010 Opening Day starter. In his 2nd stint with the Mets, Mike Jacobs hit just .211, and was booed by the Citi Field crowd. However, he only played in 7 games, then he got DFA'd just in time for Ike Davis' call. So that didn't meet my requirements. Carlos Delgado started out as the first baseman in 2009, but then he got hurt, and Daniel Murphy took over and filled in nicely. And when Ike got hurt, Daniel Murphy took his spot temporarily and proceeded to hit .320, and then Lucas Duda took over first to finish the season, and that was when he was jacking balls out of sight. So, this was a tough position to chose from, and I had to really look back a bit. So, I had to give it to Ike Davis for his 2013 performance only. It was that bad.

2nd baseman: Luis Castillo

This was a pretty obvious one. Luis Castillo is one of the most hated players in recent Mets history because of one play- the drop. It defined his career with the Mets, and Mets fans will never forgive him for it. What gets lost in it all is that he hit .301 that year, but he did hit just .245 the year before, and .235 the year after, while playing average at best defense. With the money that he received, that's not quite living up to your pay check.

Shortstop: Alex Cora

Again, this was a tough position. Jose Reyes had manned that position until 2011 (when he was healthy, that is) and there was no putting him on this list. That pretty much narrowed it down to 2 names- Ruben Tejada and Alex Cora. But Ruben Tejada hit .284 in 96 games in 2011, and .286 in 2012 as the full-time starter, all while playing tremendous defense, so it was pretty much down to just Cora. His defense was never spectacular, and while he filled in decently in 2009 for Reyes, he hit .251 in 82 games, but in 2010 he hit just .210 in 66 games before he was DFA'd.

Third Base: Mike Hessman

Yeah, he didn't play 81 games. Sue me. But Wright was not going on this list, and Muprhy and Justin Turner are the only other players who have played third base consistently in David Wright's tender. And they've played well. If you can remember Mike Hessman, I give you credit. He came up as a backup in late 2010, and played in 32 games. In those 32 games he didn't do much, he hit just .127 and in 55 at bats only had 6 RBI.

Left Field: Jason Bay

Yeah, you saw this one coming. One of the worst signings in Mets history, but it might not even be the worst Omar Minaya did. He was given 66 million dollars to play only 288 games in 3 seasons. His highest home run total as a Met was 12 in 2011, and in 2012 he hit just .165 in 70 games. And the Mets are still paying him.

Center field: Andres Torres

Carlos Beltran and Angel Pagan did a great job in this position through 2011. And then came Andres Torres, in probably Sandy Alderson's worst move to date. In 132 games in 2012, he slashed just .230/.327/.337 and never showed the speed he was probably capable of, he only stole 13 bases. After that, the Mets let him walk.

Right Field: Ryan Church

The only real candidates for this are Church, Jeff Francouer, and Lucas Duda. But Frenchy hit some homers as a Met, and defense was impeccable. And he's just too likeable to put on this list. Lucas Duda's defense has been nothing more than a joke, but at least he's provided the Mets a little production with the bat. Church has a respectable slash as a Met with a .278/.340/.412, but he never did much of anything as a Met. He only played 90 games in 2008, and in 2009 went a near 2-month stretch without an RBI with the Mets, before he was traded. And of course, he made the crucial last out in Shea Stadium history. That's probably the main reason why I give the nod to Church, although you could easily make the argument for Duda.

SP: Oliver Perez

He had a decent 2008, but we're talking 2009-2013. This is when he became the worst signing in Mets history and probably the main reason Omar Minaya was fired. We all know what he did, I don't need to explain.

SP: Mike Pelfrey

Mets fans never liked him, and I don't think he loved them back. He would give himself a through cat bathing on the mound every start, and that annoyed everyone. He had one fluke half of a season in 2010, but other than that he only had one other time where he finished a season with and ERA under 4.70, and that was 2008 when he put up a 3.72. This was a man who people once compared Matt Harvey too.

SP: John Maine

He was serviceable in 2006 and 2007, but after that he put up ERAs of 4.18, 4.43, and 6.13, and was constantly getting hurt. And who can forget the time Jerry Manuel removed him after just 5 pitches in one of his last starts as a Met because he wasn't about to put up with his crap again. Shortly after that, he was put on the DL never to return again in a Met uniform.

SP: Livan Hernandez

Of the billion teams that Livan has played for, the Mets were one for a little while in 2009, while the rotation was bereft with injuries. He was pretty ass, putting up an ERA of 5.47 and a 7-8 record in 130 innings that year before they finally DFA'd him.

SP: Shaun Marcum

In what seemed like it was a good pickup for Sandy Alderson this year wound up being a disaster. He was 1-10 with a 5.29 ERA until he got hurt in June and the Mets shut him down, ending his short lived Mets career. If I was serious of my own rules, I would've probably put Tim Redding (3-6, 5.10 in 120 innings in 2009) here instead since Marcum only collected 79 innings this year, but since he's fresh in everyone's mind, and he was only 2 innings short, I figured he was worth it.

Right handed reliever: DJ Carrasco

The Mets have had A LOT of bad relievers in these past 5 years, but one of the worst is DJ Carrasco. He was Sandy Aldersons first pick up as GM, and he was the definition of horrendous. In 2011 he compiled 42.1 innings, and had an ERA of 6.02. He was barely in the major leagues in 2012, but in the 3.2 innings he had in 2012, he allowed 3 runs, which is an ERA of 7.36.

Left handed reliever: Oliver Perez.

Again. So bad he makes the list twice. In 2010 he was banished to the bullpen after refusing a minor league assignment and was the 25th man on the roster. He sat on the bench and collected his paycheck. He was really only used in blowouts and games that went 15 innings, and often times made the blowouts worse or lost the game.

Honorable mentions:

Tim Redding (3-6, 5.10 ERA in 120 inning in 2009)

Fernando Tatis- A Met from 2008-2010, he was abysmal in 2010, batting just .185 with 6 RBIs in 41 games, but his contributions and a pinch-hitter from 2008 and 2009 kept him off, hitting .297 with 11 homers in 2008, and .282 with 8 homers in 2009.

Aaron Heilman- The reason he didn't make this list is because this is from 2009-2013, and he pitched for the Mets up until 2008. But I hate him, so his name had to appear on this somewhere. Best known for giving up the game winning home run to Yadier Molina in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS, he really wasn't bad that year, or the year after. But in 2003, 2004, and 2008 had ERAs over 5, and while it doesn't reflect his ERA, gave up some crucial inherited RISP in September of 2007 during the choke.

Your thoughts?

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