Talkin Traidz

So after pouring through all the user submitted literature on AA, I noticed there is a serious lack of trade proposals and projections for the 2014 opening day line-up.

Everyone is confused why the Mets weren't competitive this year. Terry Collins was given tremendous talent to work with - probably the most complete roster flushing has seen since 1993 when Tim Bogar and Frank Tananananananana took the city by storm. After thoughtful thinkingness - I have deciphered the Mets's 2013 woes...

The Bullpen

If there is one quarter of a baseball team that is more essential than the bullpen - it is either the starting position players, starting pitchers, or the bench. In any case, the bullpen can be important in games where the starting pitcher doesn't throw the whole game, and so you need another pitcher to come in and 'relieve' him/her of her pitching responsibilities.

The Mets have had a serious lack of what I like to call "relief pitching" over the last few season.s. Some players seemed to take a step forward last year (LaTroy Hawkins, Sean Henn) - and others showed us that they really have no place on a pitcher's mound (see Anthony Recker's June 30th debacle). The biggest concern is replacing the surprise productiveness of Scott Rice, Scott Atchison, and Scott Aardsma. The three combined to pitch in 166 games (still trying to figure out how that works - must include the Homerun derby) and hit six batters.

I think ultimately Sandy's objective needs to be to replace the veteran presence in the bullpen - and the best way to do this is by converting an aging starter into a closer. Vic Black and Bobby Parnell would benefit from setting up a seasoned veteran who could show them what 9th inning grission looks like. We don't have any candidates for this internally - so Sandy might have to DIG deep into the free agency market and find a buried gem. I personally would like to see a player like Mordecai Brown in blue and orange. Over his last couple of seasons with the Chicago Whales, Brooklyn Tip-Tops, and St. Louis Terriers he showed some signs of regression. In his last two full seasons - he only managed 35 complete at ages 37-38. But for the Whalers he showed signs of life with a 135 ERA+, 1.071 WHIP, and 7 HBP. I truly think Mordecai would improve our Mets by at least this many:

The Outfield

It is no secret that the Mets is an abbreviation for Metrorrhagia - but I truly feel like our outfield has been bleeding us dry. Eric Young Jr brought some excitement to the base paths, and Juan Lagares brought a newborn into this world. But Marlon Byrd flew away to Pittsburgh and Mike Baxter's two hit game against the White Sox in May was an aberration. Henceforth I am proposing a traid for Mike Trout. I think the Angels would consider a package of the Savannah Sand Gnats and Ike Davis. This is a fair trade because Mike Trout is from New Jersey and I want him on the Mets.

Once Mike Trout is on the Mets, I would tell Bob Geren (we all know who is really making the calls) to pinch hit Lucas Duda for Mike Trout in late and close situations when a righty is on the mound. Since they are both righties, I would put a lefty at bat. It is called playing the percentages, and it is what smart managers do to win ball games.


I think one of the reasons the Mets have trouble scoring is because our outfield is SO pitcher friendly. Why don't we just hire a ball girl to massage bengay into the opposing pitchers pitching shoulder between innings for christ-sakes goddamnit?!?!?

The management should consider investing in adjustable depth walls. We can bring the fences in when the mets are batting - and then move them back 30 or 40 feet whenever the opposing team is up. This would be what we in the business call a #POWERMOVE - increasing our defense and offense at the same time. We can bring back Mike Pelfry and Rey Ordonez!

Welp! I am going to bed. I appreciate you guys reading - don't steal my ideas for the AAOP you bastards :) >:(

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