AAOP: rethought, revised, and improved

1)Trade Vic Black, Lucas Duda, Peter Bourjos, and Cesar Puello, to Texas for... Elvis Andrus, and one average relief pitcher.

trade Wilmer Flores, and Jacob Degrom to the Angels for Peter Bourjos, one reliever.

Why this makes sense for the...

Mets- The Mets desperately need a shortstop and Andrus is a Jose Reyes type who is signed through his prime for a reasonable price.

the Mets are giving up 1)Duda- they have Davis at first. 2)Black-they have Parnell to close. 3)Flores- they have Murphy at second and Wright at third. 4)Puello- he is a righty, and a prospect, and the Mets have Nimmo.

Angels- The Angels need a third baseman and pitching, have Trout in center.

Rangers- have Profar, wont miss Andrus's contract, can DH or outfield Duda who should love Texas, need a replacement for Joe Nathan, can use Bourjos to leadoff instead of Andrus, and get Puello for a corner.

2) Sign Phil Hughes to a 3 year 10m dollar deal.

why- a fly ball pitcher who will do better in Citi Field. a good fit.

3) Sign Curtis Granderson to a 3 year 45m dollar deal.

Why- he is a left handed power hitter who can play left field and give David Wright some protection.

4) Move Juan Lagares to right field and give center to Matt Den Dekker.

Why- In center Lagares was able to put up an amazing year. In right his defense will be better and his arm will be more appreciated. If Lagares can do as good as he did, defensively, in center, Den Dekker can do better! He also put up a 121 wRC+ season in AAA!

5) Resign Latroy Hawkins to a 2 year 4m dollar deal.

Why- Good cheap arm.

6)Extend Daniel Murphy to a 6 year 30m dollar deal.

Why- he put up a 3 WAR season at second base. And has shown great improvement on his defense.


1)Elvis Andrus-SS

2)Daniel Murphy-2B

3)David Wright-3B

4)Curtis Granderson-LF

5)Travis d'arnaud-C

6)Ike Davis-1B

7)Matt Den Dekker-CF

8)Juan Lagares-RF


1)Jon Neise

2)Zack Wheeler

3)Dillon Gee

4)Phil Hughes

5)Jenrry Mejia


SS- 2.8 (probably more)



LF-2.3(probably more)

C- (?) predictably good

1B-1.5 (probably more)

CF-(?) predictably good

RF- 2.7







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