Free agents who would improve the Mets

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The Mets need better players. There are plenty of free agents available. Here is a list of free agents who would improve the Mets.

A reasonable case can be made that the Phillies signing of Marlon Byrd either was or was not wise. What's not debatable is that Byrd's departure from the free agent pool means one less available player who would improve the Mets. The front office allegedly has some money to spend and there are dozens of free agents who represent an upgrade for the Mets at various positions. For everyone's sake -- the Wilpons, Sandy Alderson, Mets fans -- I hope several of these players will be wearing orange and blue next season. Here is a list of all free agents who would make the Mets a better team. Go out and get some of these players, Sandy Alderson.


  • I included players like Robinson Cano, who won't sign with the Mets but would nonetheless be an upgrade at second base.
  • If a player should be added to or removed from the list, suggest it in the comments. I'll update accordingly. Click here for a list of free agents.
  • I will update this list periodically as players are signed this offseason.

Starting Pitcher

Bronson Arroyo
Scott Baker
A.J. Burnett
***Bartolo Colon*** (signed with the Mets!: 2 years, $20 million)
Scott Feldman
Matt Garza
Dan Haren (signed with Dodgers: 1 year, $10 million with a vesting option for 2015)
Tim Hudson (signed with Giants: 2 years, $23 million)
Phil Hughes (signed with Twins: 3 years, $24 million)
Ubaldo Jimenez
Josh Johnson (signed with Padres: 1 year, $8 million with a performance-based option)
Scott Kazmir (signed with Athletics: 2 years, $22 million)
Hiroki Kuroda (signed with Yankees: 1 year, $16 million)
Paul Maholm
Ricky Nolasco (signed with Twins: 4 years, $49 million with a fifth-year option)
Mike Pelfrey
Ervin Santana
Masahiro Tanaka
Jason Vargas (signed with Royals: 4 years, $32 million)

Relief Pitcher

Grant Balfour
Joaquin Benoit
Joba Chamberlain
Bruce Chen
Jesse Crain
Scott Downs
Jason Frasor (re-signed with Rangers: 1 year, $1.75 million)
Mike Gonzalez
Kevin Gregg
LaTroy Hawkins (signed with Rockies: 1 year, $2.5 million)
J.P. Howell
Boone Logan
Javier Lopez (re-signed with Giants: 3 years, $13 million)
Edward Mujica
Joe Nathan (signed with Tigers: 2 years, $20 million)
Pat Neshek
Manny Parra
Chris Perez
Oliver Perez (ha)
Fernando Rodney
Joe Smith (signed with Angels: 3 years, $15 million)
Matt Thornton
Jose Veras
Brian Wilson (signed with Dodgers: 1 year, $10 million with a player option)
Jamey Wright


Note: Unless Travis d'Arnaud is traded, there's no reason to sign a top-flight catcher. Signing a back-up catcher might make sense though.

John Buck
Brian McCann (signed with Yankees: 5 years, $85 million with a vesting option for a sixth year)
Jose Molina (as a back-up) (signed with Rays: 2 years, $4.5 million)
Dioner Navarro (signed with Blue Jays: 2 years, $8 million)
Carlos Ruiz (signed with Phillies: 3 years, $26 million with a fourth-year team option)
Jarrod Saltalamacchia (signed with Marlins: 3 years, $21 million)

First Base

Corey Hart (signed with Mariners: 1 year, $6 million, up to $13 million with incentives)
Kendrys Morales
Mike Napoli (signed with Red Sox: 2 years, $32 million)

Second Base

Robinson Cano (signed with Mariners: 10 years, $240 million)
Omar Infante (I would prefer Daniel Murphy to Infante but it's close)

Third Base



Stephen Drew
Jhonny Peralta (signed with Cardinals: 4 years, $56 million)


Carlos Beltran (signed with Yankees: 3 years, $45 million)
Marlon Byrd (signed with Phillies: 2 years, $16 million plus third-year vesting option)
Shin-Soo Choo
Nelson Cruz
Jacoby Ellsbury (signed with Yankees: 7 years, $153 million plus eighth-year option)
***Curtis Granderson*** (signed with Mets!: 4 years, $60 million)
Kelly Johnson (signed with Yankees: 1 year, $3 million)
Nate McLouth (signed with Nationals: 2 years, $10.75 million plus a third-year option)
Mike Morse (signed with Giants: 1 year, $6 million)
David Murphy (signed with Indians: 2 years, $12 million plus a third-year option)
***Chris Young*** (signed with Mets!: 1 year, $7.25 million)


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