AAOP: if money were less of an issue. and they spent up to 150M on payroll's again.

Well first we...

1)Rebuild rotation until Harvey comes back.

A)Sign Bartolo Colon to A 1 year 8M dollar deal with a team option of 10M for a second year, with A .5M buyout.

B)Sign Phil Hughes to A 2 year 5M dollar deal.

2) Get some offense.

A)Sign Robinson Cano to A 8 year 220M dollar deal.

B)Trade Daniel Murphy, Cesar Puello, Zack Wheeler, and Ike Davis to the Brewers for Ryan Braun

C)Trade Rafael Montero, Wilmer Flores, and Vic Black to the Rangers for Elvis Andrus

D)Sign Shin Soo Choo to A 6 year 100M dollar deal.

3)Make an O.K. bullpen

A)Sign Brian Wilson to a 2 year 8M dollar deal. And let him keep his beard!

B)Sign Edward Mujica to A 3 year 18M dollar deal

4)Sit back and enjoy the team


1)Shin Soo Choo-RF- O.B.P., O.B.P., plus good RF defense.

2)Robinson Cano-2B- Defense, offence, etc.

3)David Wright-3B- Still the captain. Sabermetrics show his offense is better then Cano's!

4)Ryan Braun-LF- Forget steroids! A very reasonable contract too.

5)Lucas Duda-1B- I still see A .350 O.B.P., and A 120 wRC+.

6)Travis d'Arnaud-C- With his defense solved. his 30+ HR bat WILL come.

7)Elvis Andrus-SS- Speed, but below average offender. Still should be A 3.5 W.A.R. player.

8)Juan Lagares-CF- And if he doesn't show offence or the same defense we still have Den Dekker.


1)Bartolo Colon

2)Jon Neise

3)Dillon Gee

4)Phil Hughes

5)Jenrry Mejia


1)Matt Harvey

2)Noah Syndergaard

3)Jon neise

4)Dillon Gee

5)Jenrry Mejia/Phil Hughes


CL)Bobby Parnell

SU)Brian wilson

SU)Edward Mujica

RP)Scott Rice

RP)Gonzalez Germen

RP)Jeurys Familia

RP)Carlos Torres

RP)Anthony Recker


1)Justin Turner-IF

2)Ruben Tejada-IF

3)Eric Young Jr.-2B/OF

4)Josh Satin-1B

5)Anthony Recker-C/RP

Of course none of this is likely. But the Mets payroll WAS at 150M back in the pre-Madoff days. This team is instant World Champions. Also the payroll here is around 125M, thats not bad at all. If you think that some of the signings aren't fair then just throw in a few extra bucks and the payroll will STILL be under 150M. if you don't find some of the trades likely, throw in Nimmo, Degrom, or Matio. the point is it CAN be done. so vote me for next GM of the NY Mets!

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