2013 Mets Starting Pitcher Scores

A while back, I have created a formula to score the abilities of Starting Pitchers. This formula takes into account the number of wins a pitcher attained over the course of 30 innings, the number of strikeouts they attain over the course of three innings, and their Earned Run Average.

Matt Harvey won 9 games in 2013 over the course of 178.1 innings. Harvey also threw 191 strikeouts and had an ERA of 2.27. Therefore, his 2013 score is 2.463. Harvey's 2012 score had been 4.376. His 2012 score his higher because Harvey had averaged more strikeouts per inning in 2012 than in 2013. In 2012, he averaged 1.18 strikeouts per inning while in 2013, he averaged 1.07. Harvey's score had also been lower in 2013 because of his run support that caused Harvey to get more losses and no decisions than what was necessary.

Jon Niese won eight games, threw 105 strikeouts in 143 innings, and had an ERA of 3.71. This gives him a score of -.381. His 2012 score had been 1.097. This low score is because of his ERA, which has been below 3.70 just once in his career.

Dillon Gee won 12 games and threw 142 strikeouts over 199 innings. Gee had an ERA of 3.62. His 2013 score was 0.329. His low score had been because of his ERA and because he only averaged .71 strikeouts per inning, or just over 6 per 9.

Zack Wheeler threw exactly 100 innings and had thrown 84 strikeouts over 7 wins. Wheeler also posted a 3.42 ERA. His 2013 score is 1.2. If Wheeler can get his K/9 up next year, his 2014 score could easily reach 2.

Daisuke Matsuzaka started off his tenure with the Mets with a few struggles, but then he had managed to finish off the year on a strong note. He won 3 games and had thrown 33 strikeouts over 38.2 innings. He posted an ERA of 4.42 and his score was .527.

Those are the ones that I will do for the Mets. As of now, a starting pitcher who has a score between -1 and 1 decent bottom of the rotation pitchers who can fill up the 4 or 5 spot. But then again, the score is based on wins, ERA, and strikeouts combined, therefore a top notch 20 game winner who does not strikeout a lot or has a bad ERA could still get a bad score.

A score between 0 and 1 is that of a third starter, and other starters who could classify as such include Josh Johnson, Phil Hughes, and Mark Burelhe. A score of 1-2 easily makes the pitcher a top 2 pitcher and on some teams, their Ace. A pitcher who score above two could easily become a Cy Young award candidate. For example, Clayton Kershaw's 2013 score had been 3.153 and Max Scherzer's 2013 score had been 3.075. Even N.L. Rookie of the Year Jose Fernandez had a 2013 score of 3.158.

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