How to improve the Mets

To all of the Mets fans:

It's been over 5 years since our last winning season, and we can all agree that we want the Mets to reach atleast the post season again. Here is an idea and changes for each position that needs an upgrade:

First Base: (obviously) the whole Davis/ Duda/ Satin thing isn't working. Like many other fanposts have said, move Daniel Murphy to first base, no offence to him, we need a more athletic middle infielder

Second Base: Eric Young Jr. his primary position is second base, and since he did a great job at a secondary spot (in LF) he can do even better in his primary.

Other Idea: Trade david/duda/satin and Ruben Tejada for Ben Zobrist or Martin Prado

OR Wilmer Flores can play second base

Short Stop: I'm still sticking with signing Stephen Drew, for 4 years/ $9.5 million per year

OR Wilfredo Tovar (if the Mets decide to give rookies permanent starting roles)

Third Base: He has the title "Captain" for a reason

Catcher: Sign some veteran catcher to mentor Travis d'Arnaud

Outfield: Chris Young was signed for some reason, Lagares plays the best defense ive seen in a while, Eric Young may play 2nd, and there's Den Decker, so there is a variety of ways the organize this Outfield, but the one thing it lacks is a power hitter and OBP, Mets can sign Shin Soo Choo 4 years/ 9.5 million per, on the power side, you can sign Nelson Cruz or Michael Morse, For Cruz 1 year $11million, for Morse 2 year/ $4.5 million per year.


Rotation at this time:

1. Gee

2. Niese

3. Wheeler

4. Mejia/ Torres/Hefner


To fill that 5th rotation spot there are many options:

Sign Ervin Santana 5 years/ $10 million per year, he has shown he can pitch better than the last Santana, some can say he had his best season in 2013, the royals didnt give him enough run support, like the Mets for Harvey.


Bronson Arroyo 2 year/$9 million per year, he has averaged well over 200 IP for the past 5 years, he has a innings eater, so the Mets dont have the bring in the risky bullpen.


Closer- Bobby Parnell

Vic Black, Carlos Torres, Scott Rice, Gonzalez German, Sign Boone Logan 2 years/ $2million per year, Sign J.P Howell 1 year/ $1.5 million, Bring up some prospects to fill these rolls, give them Major League time before they move to starting rolls.

Let Me know what you think, and share your idea if you think yours a better

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