New Market Efficiency - Building from strength

I have a plan. It's a long plan but, it puts us in position to win this year and for years to come. It starts exactly backward from where most plans I've read start. It does not use free agency to sign a shortstop and only signs one outfielder and makes us infinitely better as a team. How? I grab a bunch of starting pitching.

Sign Tanaka -

I bid 100,000,001 for his posting and sign him to 6/75. The Wilpons will enjoy the write off and we lose no draft picks. We gain a huge media and public relations boost and potentially a new top of the rotation starter.

Sign Josh Johnson -

I give him the one year flyer he wants 1/10 so he can go for the huge contract next year.

Sign Bronson Arroyo -

3/35. Innings eater to fill the back of the rotation and give the young guns plenty of room to breath.

Offer incentive rich, early spring training decision clause contracts to Johan Santana and Doc Halladay-

This gives either or both a place to start their paths back to the big leagues and gives the Mets an option to pick up a former Cy Young stud on the rebound if all goes right. If not, they go their way after being around to let our young pitchers pick their brains about throwing the change, conditioning, routine, being a pro etc.

Now, I have a surplus of the most valuable commodity in baseball. Pitching. Time to go to work.

Trade Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy, John Niese and Dillon Gee to Colorado for Carlos Gonzales and a minor leaguer. -

This solves the Mets need for a top flight bat and helps Colorado with a lefty and a change up specialist (sub Montero or DeGrom if Colorado balks) to help anchor their rotation. Davis will kill the ball in the rare air and Murphy will be able to play second and set the tables.

Trade (try not to scream too loud) Zack Wheeler or Noah Syndergaard to Texas. They choose between the two along with a B level (Tapia, Ynoa, Flexen, whoever) pitching prospect to Texas for Jurickson Profar.

Sign Marlon Byrd-

He'll keep right field warm for Puello at 2/18

Resign Latroy Hawkins-

1yr/6 mil

Done. The bullpen will stand as it is or was at the end of the year. I will take some flyers on guys on minor league contracts to hedge my bets.


C - D'Arnaud 500K

1B - Duda/Satin 500K

2B - Flores 500K

SS - Profar 500K

3B - Wright 20 Million

LF - Cargo 10.5 Million

CF - Lagares 500K

RF - Byrd 9 Million


Tanaka 12 Million

Johnson 10 Million

Wheeler (or Thor later depending on Rangers choice) 500K

Arroyo 12 Million

Mejia 500K

(Santana Halladay Montero or DeGrom) 10 Million or 500K


Parnell 1.3 Million

Black 500K

Edgin 500K

Rice 500K

Familia 500K

Hawkins 6 Million

Fill in Bench with Satin, Turner, Recker, Tejada. Piece here piece there.

If my math is correct that is either 98.3 or 88.3 Million (depending on Halladay/Santana). The farm remains a strength. This is a contender now and in the future. If things break right, we're in the playoffs. Either way, ticket sales go through the roof, and everyone is watching. If they play poorly, a lot of guys are on one or two year contracts and can get traded at the break for nice new pieces. But think of the depth for the future here: D'Arnaud, Flores, Profar, Lagares along with Wright and Cargo. Great lineup! The rotation is solid this year and gives time for Thor and the younger guys to come along with more ease. Next year we have Harvey, Tanaka, Thor, Montero, Arroyo. And a lot of good pieces to move if need be. Pitching is our strength. Don't rest on your laurels. Build on them and then use them to fill the holes! The gates will clack, the television revenue will roll and we will be a contender for the foreseeable future! Go Mets!!!!

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