spend spend spend!!! hold onto every kid in the minors and just buy talent. it's ok to over spend on players as long as it's in dollars not years. the 2nd round pick is a bit of a loss. but the 3rd and 4th round guys have a very small chance of making it to MLB. so why not sign who ever they need to make this lineup good and the Mets young pitching will solidify the team. why trade away good young potential for aging players signed to long expensive deals. just sign guys to expensive short term deals and keep the kids. this lineup could be fantastic and not cost a single prospect.

LF-Shin-Soo Choo, .288/.389/.465, $17 per,5-years & $85-mill

2B-Daniel Murphy, .290/.333.424, $5.8 per

3B-David Wright, .301/.382/.506 $20 per

RF-Curtis Granderson, .261.340/.488, $12 per, 3-years & $36-mill

1B-Corey Hart, .276/.334/.491, $10 per, 1-year

SS-Jhonny Peralta, .268/.330/.425, $12 per, 3-years & 36-mill

C-Travis d'Arnaud, ? 500k

CF-Juan Lagares, .242/.281/.352, 500k

this lineup is not cheap but it's not $180-mill payroll either. i don't want to be the Yankees but i'm sick of being the Royals. $100-$120 million should be enough to make this team. if the Wilpons don't have the money to construct this type of team then they should sell. i don't want to hear about the 2014 draft class being very deep because those lower drafted guys rarely make it. i don't want to hear about 2nd, 3rd and 4th round draft picks precluding this type of team because that's moronic. i don't want to hear about this free agent class being weak there are alot of great players to be had. if the Mets don't make a team like this the only logical reason is the owners are broke. this is New York if the Wilpons put a winning team on the field people will show up and watch. what other businesses owner says to it's consumers we know this product sucks but if u buy it we might make it better. and if u don't eat this shit sandwich and smile well we will keep making u eat shit. u have to spend money to make money. but if they can't do this then they should sell the Mets and buy the Florida Marlins. we have been hearing about 2014 being the Mets time for 5 agonizing years. well the time is nigh they should either bet big or cash out.

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