A Christmas Gift for AA

Hi all,

The offseason is a time when you want to see your new-look team take on other new-look teams. Now you can do so with the greatest technology 1987 has to offer.


The Nightwulf online RBI Baseball for NES ROM Editor
Rotochamp's 2014 Projections

I made a MLB 2014 simulator.

You can play as or against:

· NY Mets · Philadelphia · Washington · Atlanta · Pittsburgh · NY Yankees · Detroit · Boston · AL All Stars · NL All Stars

All position player abilities are straight from the 2014 projections, and pitcher abilities are from Fangraphs pitch value stats for 2013. I used converted the standard deviation from average to approximate the range of talent in the original game adjusted for the range of talent for the actual players

(If you're interested, the calculations went like this: Calculate the averages and standard deviation for the players in the original game --> calculate 2013 averages and standard deviation for the whole MLB, minimum 250 PAs or 100 Innings for starters and 30 Innings for relievers --> calculate the z scores of players from the 2014 projections and convert that to the corresponding numbers within the game's framework.)

If you're interested, here is the breakdown of stat conversions. It was easiest to use traditional stats that were readily available from rotochamp. The whole triple slash is represented for position players (with OPS, the best of the traditional stats, corresponding to Power, the most important RBI Baseball player ability), and pitchers are based on pure stuff, which more authentic to the way they work in game. The biggest problem with this is that none of the numbers are park-adjusted, and the Speed score sucks because it's based on SB and not Spd, but oh well.

Position players: Contact = AVG, Power = OPS, Speed = SB

Pitchers: Fastball speed = vFB, regular ball speed = wFB, Drop rating = SwStr%, Curve left = O-Swing%, Curve right = O-Contact%, Endurance = Innings pitched

I tried to make it as objective as possible, with the only concession to the good guys being that I gave them 3 starters and 1 reliever (Wheeler, Niese, Colon, Parnell) as opposed to the rest of the teams, which have 2 and 2. Interestingly, the projections (mostly based on Steamer, as opposed to Oliver or ZIPs) love EYJ and Davis, but hate Flores, Lagares, and d'Arnaud.

Perhaps the most fun part is that the Phillies are just terrible. The rest of the teams are pretty good, but the Phillies literally have no offensive threat. I have almost no-hit them a couple of times.

Download the .nes file

Upload it here to play

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