The Obvious Signing the mets should make

Ok so the Mets aren't projected to spend much money this off season, something which should come to no surprise of anyone who has paid attention to the team since the winter of 2009 and the unmentionable Left Fielder. Reasons ranging from ponzi schemes to apathy it seems the Mets will forever be relegated to such wonderful "high" profile signings such as Frank Francisco and id love to give even another who could be considered but the likes of john Rauch will not do.

What is such a team to do one may ask. Well before I can properly assess who the Mets should acquire, their current situation must be observed First and foremost the most pressing issue with the team is lack of offense. They ranked second to last in Batting Average (.237) fifth to the bottom in Runs (619) and second to last in OPS (.672). Despite these weaknesses they ranked third in stolen bases and generally were able to produce using timely hitting. Their stolen base leader, Eric Young Jr. played a good left field and proved to be a decent commodity. While an outfield upgrade seems to still be in their future, there are still other needs that this team needs to solve.

This brings me to the mess that is the Mets infield. Besides our beloved caption at third, every other position is in limbo. The only other guarantee is that, if hes on the team, Daniel Murphy will play somewhere. Now good money obviously says 2nd base but that in my opinion would be unwise. Murphy ranked very low in almost every fielding category, you can check Baseball Reference, but i dont have the computer to link it all in. Murphy whose.280/.319/.733 stat line could certainly prove reliable not to mention 20+ stolen bases and 38 doubles. Where to put him is the question. I would put him at first base, now while people are likely groaning thinking, that's a pretty typical Mets, bear with me. The Mets seem to be inclined in not keeping Ike Davis, they've been actively shopping him and i guess at the moment are confident with Lucas Duda playing First. Now ill say that in 39 games last year at first base Duda made zero errors and that's fantastic. However, his 223 average and 15 home runs leave much to be desired. Even if we allot duda 7 more Hr over a full season id still much rather have murohys reliability over Duda's boom or bust potential. Durability is also a factor with Duda who has played in 120 games or less every season since starting in the big leagues.

This brings me to my grand plan for the Mets and it starts with Major League Baseballs best Second Baseman. yes Robinson Can the man who is asking for the world, is the one the Mets should obviously sign. Cano is undoubtedly the best 2B in the game, some like to point out that Dustin Pedroia compedes for that top spot and while pedroia may be close the former pinstripe is just way to talented in all aspects except hustle, and guys like that come around i would say every 13 years (think 2000 offseason) . Bringing in Cano would solve several issue for the team. Placing him at second and fourth in the order gives the mets the ability to surround themselves with an inexpensive defensive oriented Short Stop and lets them continue playing Young in left and Lagureas in Center without having to rely on their bats. They furthermore, now have alleviated the anxiety that would come with the signing of a Nelson Cruz, Curtis Granderson or Carlos Beltran. Canos HR's wouldn't even necessarily drop, last lease he was able to hit 16 of his 27 hrs on the road something which would help mets fans sleep easy during hot july nights.

The issue with signing Cano is money and money only and to that its inexcusable. Now am i saying the mets should sign him for 300 million, absolutely not but, only because no team will realistically give him that. If a team does than so be it but its really unlikely. No team has shown any indication that they will go that high.1 The deal thats currently being floated is 8 years 200 million and that was as of 11:00pm EST on 12/3. If that's the offer than for 25 a year you have to pull the trigger. My guess however is that the 8 years is what will scare most people, and it is a concern but one that should not really be considered. You would not being paying cano for whats hes doing at 38 and 39, to put the team over the edge you risk a season or two of moderate, injury riddled play for the possibility of having the leagues best 2B and 3B.

The other issue is that there are just not enough impact players available in free agency. The only other impact player available is the former Cincinnati Red, Shin-Sin Choo. Now i love Choo i think he would be a great fit on any team, but for the mets he just would do it and would be much less productive than in cincy. He batted about .70 points less on the road than in the bang-box Great American Ballpark. While his plate discipline is extraordinary he would be encompassing a larger role and would not have the luxury of Brandon Phillips Joey Votto and Jay Bruce protecting him.

Adding a guy like cano provides stability and more depth for their lineup. Hes not a player who depends on his pull hitting ability hes a spread hitter who has an excellent glove. The Mets lineup would be much better off placing him fourth Making it, from my estimation 1. LF Young Jr. 2. 1B Daniel Murphy 3. 3B David Wright 4. 2B Robinson Cano 5. RF Chris Young 6. C Travis D'arnaud 7. Juan Lageras 8. SS (Tejada, Maybe Stephen Drew or Clint barnes) . This isnt murders row but its a hefty improvement on Ike David batting cleanup.

Well there it is the obvious signing everyones favorite baseball team the New York mets should make. Thanks for reading all lets hope they make this move (or any) this offseason

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