Announcing The Official Amazin' Avenue Yahoo! Sports Fantasy League


The official Amazin' Avenue fantasy baseball league is live!

It's official: Amazin' Avenue has an official fantasy baseball league. We're calling it Amazin' Avenue Basement Ball, and you're invited to join. It's a 12-team league, head-to-head, with the following stats: HR, AVG, OBP, SLG, and Net Stolen Bases for hitters, K, ERA, WHIP, QS, and Net Saves for pitchers. I'll be acting as commissioner, and I'll be running a team I'm calling John Buck's Mask.

Head on over to Yahoo! to view all of the details regarding roster, the live draft, and everything else that you'll need to know to play. The league is officially full, but we'll see if we can get a second league going and keep you posted.

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  • Don’t miss a trade or waiver wire again! Daily roster changes are made easy with the Fantasy Baseball app available on Android, iPhone, and iPad (new this year!).
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  • Yahoo! Sports offers the fantasy fanatic an even more competitive way to play with Pro Leagues! Join a Pro League for $20 or $100 and compete to win cash prizes. For those who dare to put some skin in the game.

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball supports SBNation and fantasy league families everywhere. Get better experts, better tools, and better stats with the #1 free fantasy baseball game. This season also features a brand new iPad app, so sign up now. Get ready for opening day with better play on Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball.

UPDATE: Because of high demand, we made a second league: Amazin' Avenue Basement Ball 2 (League ID 43551/ Password TRAID). Anyone who missed out on joining our first league is welcome to join. Anyone who was able to join the first league, as a courtesy, please leave the open spots for those who need them. Steve Sypa will be handling the commissioner duties, while running Dickeypiscopalianism.

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