Plans for 2013 and the Future

I know ideas have been thrown around nonstop lately, but since it's so much fun to dream, I'd like to share ideas on how the Mets can prepare themselves to contend in the future. It starts this year!

Because the Mets already have a strong foundation for their rotation and infield, I guess the outfield is the primary target of this post. With the recent new that they are, for the most part, out of financial trouble, I think that the Mets new "moneyball with money" approach can be a beautiful thing.


It starts with the draft. With the #11 pick, I think that the Mets MUST select the best college outfielder available, probably Aaron Judge or Austin Wilson. The power bat would immediately give the system what it needs most. With their next pick, #47, I believe, I'd like to see the Mets select the next best college outfielder. That's right, doubling up on college outfielders. Maybe by some miracle, Ervin slips to us or injury concerns force another one down. From there on, I'd like the Mets to focus the rest of the draft on projectable high school and college athletes, on the mound and in the field. The system has the most depth it's had in years, so "safe" college picks aren't as necessary.


During the year, I'd like to see the Mets make a trade or two for outfield prospects. In Murphy, Marcum, Buck, to name a few, the Mets could build a package, with a couple lower-tier pitchers, to deal a contender in need of one or two more pieces. Also, in Wilmer Flores, the Mets could have a potential breakout bat hitting in the Vegas air who could fetch a pretty good return seeing as there's not much room for him on the team. I'd try to make a package like this on:

Mets Get: Manny Banuelos and Mason Williams

Yankees Get: John Buck and Wilmer Flores

Now I know some people might have problems dealing with the Stankess, but they will probably be in need of a catcher this year, as well as a solution at 3rd with A-Rod's falling off the face of the earth. The Mets would get a former top prospect left hander who could have a bounce back season, as well as a potential top of the order hitter and center fielder.

Just an idea.

Free Agents:

Finally, with money back in the equation, I can see the Mets making some moves this next offseason with a decent crop of free agen outfielder. If Corey Hart isn't looking for too much, he's a potential righty power bat who could hit in the middle of the order. Carlos Gomez could be had for cheap and would be a good stopgap in center field until a solution was reader, at which point he'd become a great 4th outfielder. For right, I think you could go with either Beltran for one year as a holdover or give Choo a reasonable deal. Adding just a couple outfielders would give the Mets a decent one which, when coupled with a potetially stellar catcher, rotation, and infield, could make them legit contenders.

Please offer your thoughts!

P.S. Please pardon my formatting, this is my first time making a fan post or posting on sbnation in general, so I'm not so sure what I'm doing yet.

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