Mets on Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects: Wheeler, TdA, and Syndergaard

I couldn't find this anywhere on AA, so I thought I might as well put it up - here are some excerpts of what he said. (link)

13. Zack Wheeler

Wheeler takes a long stride toward the plate with big hip rotation to generate arm speed, and he pitches very aggressively with the fastball.

If he can improve his feel for the changeup, either taking a little off it or adjusting his grip to give it some life, he has a chance for three 60-grade pitches or better on the scouting report -- along with a durable build and the control to pitch in the majors right away, which would make him no worse than a solid No. 2.

14. Travis d'Arnaud (1 spot ahead of Mike Zunino)

He has plus raw power, thanks to good hip rotation and a big finish to his swing, giving him 25-30 homer potential if he can ever play a full season. He has solid hand-eye coordination for contact but doesn't walk much, so he might peak as a .280 hitter with a .330-.340 OBP, buoyed more by his power than anything else. His defense has improved substantially since he was first drafted by the Phillies, with throwing the strongest aspect of his game.

Everything about his game is ready for the majors or close to it, but he has to show he can handle a full season without hitting the DL: A player who plays like an All-Star for just 80 games a year but spends the rest in the trainer's room has value but will always be perceived as a disappointment.

97. Noah Syndergaard

Syndergaard has a very clean, easy arm action with a fastball in the mid-90s, and an above-average changeup with pretty good arm speed, all with the size of a guy (6-foot-5, 200 pounds) who looks like a front-line starter. Finding a consistent, average breaking ball has been an issue for Syndergaard since he entered pro ball, with reports this year grading it as average at best, and often coming in below that or saying it came and went.

He'll pitch at 20 years old this season and has just 176 pro innings behind him, so there's time to find a consistent third pitch, but it's not a great sign that two-plus years in Toronto's system didn't produce it yet. At worst he should be a solid fourth starter, very durable with above-average control, and still has that No. 2 starter upside if the curveball comes along.

Brandon Nimmo was also one of the "10 prospects who just missed" the top 100.

...the Mets were justified in taking it slow with him, and he showed some real positives, especially his plate discipline and his ability to handle center field.

Lefties ate him alive (.594 OPS against), and he faded badly at the end of the summer, while it still remains to be seen how the ACL in his right knee -- which he blew out playing high school football -- will handle a full 140-game minor league season.

And here are Law's top 10 Mets prospects:

1. Zack Wheeler, RHP (13)

2. Travis d'Arnaud, C (14)

3. Noah Syndergaard, RHP (97)

4. Brandon Nimmo, OF

5. Gavin Cecchini, SS

6. Wilmer Flores, 3B

7. Rafael Montero, RHP

8. Domingo Tapia, RHP

9. Jacob deGrom, RHP

10. Hansel Robles, RHP

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