Sandy Facing Major 40 Man Roster Challenges

New York Mets 40-Man Roster

New York Mets 40-man Roster
46Greg BurkeR-R6'4"215Sep 21, 1982
73Robert CarsonL-L6'4"240Jan 23, 1989
66Josh EdginL-L6'1"225Dec 17, 1986
27Jeurys FamiliaR-R6'4"230Oct 10, 1989
48Frank FranciscoR-R6'2"250Sep 11, 1979
35Dillon GeeR-R6'1"205Apr 28, 1986
71Gonzalez Germen *R-R6'1"175Sep 23, 1987
60Darin Gorski *L-L6'4"210Oct 6, 1987
33Matt HarveyR-R6'4"225Mar 27, 1989
53Jeremy HefnerR-R6'4"215Mar 11, 1986
34Brandon LyonR-R6'1"200Aug 10, 1979
38Shaun MarcumR-R6'0"195Dec 14, 1981
36Collin McHugh *R-R6'2"195Jun 19, 1987
32Jenrry MejiaR-R6'0"205Oct 11, 1989
49Jon NieseL-L6'4"215Oct 27, 1986
39Bobby ParnellR-R6'4"200Sep 8, 1984
62Elvin Ramirez *R-R6'3"210Oct 10, 1987
67Hansel Robles *R-R5'11"185Aug 13, 1990
57Johan SantanaL-L6'0"210Mar 13, 1979
65Zack Wheeler *L-R6'4"185May 30, 1990
44John BuckR-R6'2"230Jul 7, 1980
15Travis d'ArnaudR-R6'2"195Feb 10, 1989
20Anthony ReckerR-R6'2"240Aug 29, 1983
29Ike DavisL-L6'4"230Mar 22, 1987
61Wilmer FloresR-R6'3"190Aug 6, 1991
64Reese Havens *L-R6'1"195Oct 20, 1986
12Brandon HicksR-R6'2"200Sep 14, 1985
19Zach LutzR-R6'1"220Jun 3, 1986
28Daniel MurphyL-R6'2"205Apr 1, 1985
11Ruben TejadaR-R5'11"185Oct 27, 1989
70Wilfredo Tovar *R-R5'10"160Aug 11, 1991
2Justin TurnerR-R6'0"210Nov 23, 1984
5David WrightR-R6'0"210Dec 20, 1982
23Mike BaxterL-R6'0"195Dec 7, 1984
4Collin CowgillR-L5'9"185May 22, 1986
21Lucas DudaL-R6'4"255Feb 3, 1986
63Juan Lagares *R-R6'1"175Mar 17, 1989
9Kirk NieuwenhuisL-R6'3"215Aug 7, 1987
58Cesar Puello *R-R6'2"195Apr 1, 1991
1Jordany ValdespinL-R6'0"190Dec 23, 1987

The above is the current 40 man roster straight from the team website the Mets and Sandy Alderson are working with.

Highlighted in yellow are Mets prospects who are not expected to make the big league club. As you can see they account for 15 of the available 40 man slots. In other words every single available slot for non 25 man roster players is already taken by a prospect.

Next is the list of Non 40 Man ST invites. Highlighted in green are your front runners to make the team out of camp.

New York Mets Non-Roster Invitees

New York Mets Active Roster
50Scott AtchisonR-R6'2"200Mar 29, 1976
40Tim ByrdakL-L5'11"190Oct 31, 1973
55Pedro FelicianoL-L5'10"195Aug 25, 1976
30LaTroy HawkinsR-R6'5"220Dec 21, 1972
47Aaron LaffeyL-L6'0"200Apr 15, 1985
75Cory MazzoniR-R6'1"190Oct 19, 1989
74Rafael MonteroR-R6'0"170Oct 17, 1990
56Scott RiceL-L6'6"225Sep 21, 1981
52Carlos TorresR-R6'1"185Oct 22, 1982
72Juan CentenoL-R5'10"170Nov 16, 1989
22Landon PowellS-R6'3"265Mar 19, 1982
16Brian BixlerR-R6'1"195Oct 22, 1982
3Omar QuintanillaL-R5'9"185Oct 24, 1981
76Josh SatinR-R6'2"200Dec 23, 1984
77Andrew BrownR-R6'0"185Sep 10, 1984
6Marlon ByrdR-R6'0"215Aug 30, 1977
68Matthew den DekkerL-L6'1"205Aug 10, 1987
80Jamie HoffmannR-R6'3"235Aug 20, 1984

In order for these 5 players to be added to the Opening Day roster they must first be added to the 40 man. This means Designating 5 guys for assignment and exposing them to waivers where any of the other 29 teams can place a claim on them and add them to their roster for nothing in return. This situation is going to be dicey for Sandy Alderson since prospects own all of the non roster slots. So how can it be done with the least amount of risk?

A) DFA Brandon Hicks and Add Omar Quintanilla

  • Hicks is a nice bat to have on the bench but as a back up defender for Tejada at SS he is far less than ideal. With 3 errors in 12 Spring Training games Hicks is showing how much of a butcher in the field he is. Add that to the fact that Q is hitting .263 against Hicks .130 so far this spring and this makes it an easy decision.
B) DFA Reese Havens and Add Marlon Byrd
  • Reese's time is up with the Mets. Exposing Lagares, Puello, or Kirk is just asking someone to take them so the only way to get Byrd on is to DFA an infielder or pitcher. And with Francisco and Santana possibly needing to start the season on the shelf the Mets can ill afford to remove pitchers from the 40 man. Plus Havens is batting .091 vs Marlon's .348 this spring. HAPPY TRAILS REESE!
C) DFA Robert Carson and Add Scott Rice
  • This one may bug a few people but is a move that needs to be done. The Mets have their LOOGY of the future and are now considering Gorski to be another possible left hander reliever. Add that to Leather Rocket most likely shooting through the system and Carson seems like the odd man out. While his stuff is good he just hasn't seemed able to put it together in AAA or the Bigs. Plus I believe a left handed reliever is more likely to slip through waivers then a position or starter prospect.
D) Trade Justin Turner for a PTBNL and Add Scott Atchinson
  • Look I love Justin Turner. I find value in a guy that can keep the clubhouse mood upbeat. However the simple fact is that the Mets need to make room and Turner's role as the back up IF can be filled by Lutz at 3B/1B and Q SS/2B. Sorry Justin but there's just no room.
E) Have Juerys Familia start the season the MLB bullpen and release LaTroy Hawkins.
  • I tried many many times to find a way to slip someone else through but I just can't see Alderson taking the risk with any of the other prospects. SO despite Hawkins being a favorite to start the season with the team, I can't see it being logistically possible.
If any of you guys have any ideas please feel free to post them in the comments.

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