Opening Day Graphics Warmup: GIFfin' Ain't Easy

I made a bunch of animated GIFs last year for game threads, so I thought it might be helpful to put them one place for reference. Then I realized that nobody reads my blog and it might be more useful to post these somewhere where people will see them. If you're looking for other GIFs, I can't help you with that, I only post the ones I've made. Maybe someone could add some of the other favorites (or links to the other GIF threads that I can't find) in the comments...

After a long, dark winter and a (seemingly) longer spring training, it's finally here. We finally get to see games that count with lineups loaded with backups and journeymen filling in for the injured and prospects held back to wait out the arbitration clock. Baseball's back!

Yeah, these games might not matter that much if you're a fan of a team that has its sights set on 2015. Or a payroll of $20,150,000 if you're a fan of the Astros or Marlins. That doesn't mean we can't have fun, though you should really get warmed up before any game activity. Since most of us won't be getting closer to a game than discussion threads on blogs, that means getting ready to jump in with appropriate imagery based on the situation. I'm never up on the latest memes, but I do have some handcrafted GIFs suitable for all occasions. While this is not the most comprehensive collection of baseball GIFs, they should play smoothly. Beyond that, I guarantee nothing.



You might not get many chances to use these with the Mets this year, so you'll want to be quick on the draw. Here are a few that might come in handy.


Here's a multipurpose image good for cocky rookies, home runs, or Papelbon meltdowns.


For David Wright walk-offs, look no further than this scene from July 5, right before the Mets imploded last year when spirits were high and the playoffs were a possibility.


Looking for child-like glee in the dugout? R.A. Dickey has that covered in this scene from the Wright walk-off. Sure, he's gone, but it's not like we're going to scrub all traces of Dickey from this site.


For a one-hitter, here's another Dickey, this time on the mound after his second in as many starts.


If a one-hitter isn't good enough for you, here's Johan Santana celebrating his (umpire-assisted) no-hitter (#BlameBeltran) back when his shoulder was in better shape. Or even shoulder-shape.


Daniel Murphy took a while to get his first home run last year, then had to wait a while longer before he could find someone to give him five. Up high, up high, down low, anyone, anyone, Bueller?

Home Runs

Here are some helpful depictions of what you want your favorite players to do when they come up to bat. Some of them might need to review these to refresh their memory...


Ike Davis is a safe bet to hit a few of these, so keep this one close at hand. Also good for taunting Nick Swisher and/or the Yankees.


Looking for one with more Mets, less Swish? Here's a good dugout reaction shot.


Lucas Duda is also a legitimate home run threat. If only they let him use a bat in the field...


Daniel Murphy didn't have many of these last year, so don't miss your chance to call his next home run.


Looking for some PapeLOLbon? JV1 has you covered.


Fielding matters too, especially if you're not scoring many runs and your bullpen is a work in progress.


There are no words.


Respect. There are no other words.


Blame Beltran? Not this time.


If you absolutely, positively, will not allow any ball to drop, you need to make this face.


Are you ready for some bloopers? Provide your own non-infringing soundalike knockoff version of Centerfield for background music.


Somehow a life-size Mr. Met bobblehead is only the second strangest thing here.


Justin Turner is a great clubhouse guy. He's in his element here in this shot of the dugout. On the field on the other hand...


Sadly, we will need to hand this one off to the Yankees. Here's hoping for some games against the Red Sox in 2014 or 2015.


A-Rod fall down and go boom. Always a good bet to look silly or get injured. At least he can laugh about it.


Missed it by that much...


Proof that there are limits to what PEDs can do for you.


You hit one of ours, we'll hit one of yours. In the same half-inning. More PapeLOLbon fodder.


Sweep the leg! There's bound to be plenty of discussion about blocking the plate this year, so this should be relevant.


Best of luck to the AL East.

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