Mets Morning News: Meet the Mets, meet the Mets, step right up and greet the Mets

Also, BASEBALL! - Norm Hall


Meet the Mets

We did it, you guys! It's Opening Day! The Mets kick off their 2013 schedule against the San Diego Padres at 1:10 PM from Citi Field. The game will be carried on SNY, Gary, Keith, and Ron with the call. Man, those are some melodious sentences right there. The Mets finalized their Opening Day roster yesterday, optioning Zach Lutz to the minors after determining that Justin Turner's calf was good to go.

The Mets also found time to record a Harlem Shake video. Oh, sorry, Citi Field Shake Video. Regardless, I have no comment.

The 2013 Mets roster reminds Greg Prince of a reality TV show. And in case you couldn't guess, Jordany Valdespin is not here to make friends.

Toby Hyde's Top 41 list rolls on with a troika of low-ceiling players you might see at some point in 2013.

And finally a couple of videos to pump you up for this afternoon's game. This is my current go-to video for firing up purposes, but you might prefer the unassailable classic. Or just go with both.

Yesterday at AA

Eric lovingly transcribed Sandy's conversation with Mike Francesca from Friday.

Rob Castellano took a closer look at lefty pen arm Scott Rice.

And Brock Mahan looked back on the longest Opening Day in Mets history.

Around MLB

While I refuse to officially acknowledge it as Opening Day, there was a baseball game last night, as the Houston Astros Goldsteins beat the Texas Rangers 8-2. So Houston can enjoy at least one day atop the American League West.

It's not all bad news for the Rangers, as they locked up franchise shortstop Elvis Andrus to an 8-year, 120 million dollar extension. This could mean Ian Kinsler will be heading to the outfield sooner rather than later, or maybe the Texas will take a long look at dealing Jurickson Profar. Baseball Nation looks at Texas' options.

If you've been watching hockey or something, you can catch up on all the NL East offseason moves, courtesy of the Daily Dish.

RotoGraphs takes a look at some of the new faces in major league rotations, including the Marlins' Jose Fernandez, who also gets the full Call-Up treatment from the Baseball Prospectus crew.

Finally, Beyond the Box Score considers candidates to replace Tim McCarver in the FOX booth.

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