Firing Sandy won't change anything (and might make things worse)

Andrew Burton

(Bumped from FanPosts. —Eric)

I don't understand the Mets fans that are clamoring of late for Sandy Alderson to be fired (a view most recently mentioned by Matt Cerrone and Jason Fry who are two of the more respected Mets bloggers). What is it that they really think he could do beyond what he has been doing? The reality of the situation is that the cupboard is bare and sending a replacement level MLB player to Las Vegas for a replacement level AAA player is just shuffling the deck chairs so that the tabloids and blogs have something to talk about.

People are saying the Mets need to make a big splash by making a trade or signing a Free Agent or something like that, but who is out there? There is no one because this isn't 1998 anymore, hell it's not even 2004. Teams don't let their best players get to Free Agency anymore, they lock them up until well after their primes, so teams that rely on Free Agency end up old and broken down (e.g. Phillies or the 2009-11 Mets). And the trick now is to free up the money so that when the RIGHT free agent is available you can capitalize on it. But it has to be the RIGHT free agent and not just ANY free agent. Signing ANY free agent just to make a splash is how you end up with Jason Bay (or maybe Michael Bourn) crippling your franchise.


Mike Piazza isn't walking through that door

To build a winning team it has to be done through the draft and through shrewd trades, and in this respect I think Sandy has done very well so far. He's made a combination of high upside and high probability draft picks that have netted the team Brandon Nimmo, Dominic Smith and Michael Fulmer as potential future stars that he can build around and he's made the best use of Beltran (for Wheeler) and Dickey (for D'Arnaud/Syndergaard) getting tremendous returns for a player that the Mets couldn't afford and a 37 year old having a (wonderful, magical) career season.


What will Nimmo do in the future?

Sandy has made the moves that he has needed to make in order to set this franchise up for long term health and success, but all the fans care about is that the team win now, now now. This myopic way of thinking is what leads to a franchise being lost in the wilderness for 10 years and changing GMs every 3 years without allowing one to build any sort of continuity and develop the guys he's drafted. A new GM would essentially start the process over by drafting HIS guys and getting rid of the guys that Sandy brought in that the new GM doesn't like, etc, etc. Not allowing the plan to develop is just asking for 6 more years of this.

Some fans have said that they are frustrated with Sandy because he is out of touch with the fan base, but I don't think that's a negative. We have to remember that our fan base is partially comprised of the same mongos that tried their hardest to boo the best player of this generation out of town because he took a called strike on one of the filthiest curveballs I've ever seen, and are currently doing their damndest to prove Steve Phillips right about not being able to rebuild in New York.

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