Why Andre Ethier Makes Sense for the Mets



There has been a lot of speculation the past few weeks that the Mets would be willing to work with the Los Angeles Dodgers to come up with a trade proposal for OF Andre Ethier. Fan sentiment has been pretty split on this possible move but I for one think that it is a perfect opportunity to fleece another team as he has done in the past.

First lets look at the situation Ethier is in at Los Angeles. Currently the Dodgers have 8 outfielders on their 40 man roster: Carl Crawford, Alex Castellanos*, Ethier, Ellian Herrera*, Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, Skip Schumaker, and Scott Van Slyke* (*- are not on the 25 man).

Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp are two of the Dodgers consistent starters who are currently on the 15 Disabled List with hamstring injuries. Kemp was expected back on June 14th but suffered a setback in his rehab. He is still slated to return before the end of June however. Crawford is also expected to be back before the end of the month as well.

These injuries prompted the Dodgers to promote top prospect Puig to play RF and move Ethier to CF and he has been mashing since his call-up. Alex Castellanos was also called up as a 26th man in a doubleheader to play LF indicating that he is "MLB ready." Scott Van Slyke, who is also on the 15 day DL, is also MLB ready and is mashing in AAA waiting for a spot to open up on the 25 man roster.

Knowing all of this it is apparent that at the very least one of the Crawford/Kemp/Ethier guys are going to have to leave LA to keep Puig in the majors. With this in mind we now have to dig into contract situations.


Current Yr

Total Contract Yrs

Contract Value



Andre Ethier


5 years


$17.5MM option for 2018

Option guaranteed with 550 PA's in 2017

Carl Crawford


7 years



No trade clause.

Matt Kemp


8 years




Based on the information above, despite just signing a new contract, Ethier's is the easiest to move. No team however is going to take on Ethier's full salary due to the fact that he will be 35 during the contracts final season. So the Dodgers are going to have to pick up a significant portion of the salary. In exchange the Dodgers will probably demands MLB players or quality prospects in return. If you break it out by year it looks like this.


1st (Pro-Rated)











A team could conceivably ask the Dodgers to pick up 40% of the remaining total contract cost and bring his salary down to a yearly average of close to $10MM/yr. Next we will look at the Dodgers needs. Prospect wise, the Dodgers are light on pitching the mid levels (AA, High A, Low A) and overall there is a large drop off after the Top 5 guys. At the major league level the team currently has a weakness at 2B, SS and C the up the middle premier positions.

All of this being said in my opinion a trade proposal of Daniel Murphy and Cory Mazzoni or Logan Verrett could get the deal done. You promote Wilmer Flores to fill your need at 2B and you add a net salary amount of $5MM to next year's payroll (Murphy is forecasted to earn $5MM in arbitration this off-season). You take that from Alderson estimate of $45MM of payroll room next season and you still have $40MM to fill other holes.

That original trade proposal is out the window after what I saw from Murphy defensively last night. He's honestly been doing it all season long and I believe that he is a part of this team's future. That being said, I still want Ethier as we have a major hole in the OF to fill, so lets say Cory Mazzoni and Josh Rodriguez.

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