DH Problem? Add 2 teams!

Seeing a few posts about the DH argument, I decided to toss my hat into the ring. I love the NL and the lack of the DH but I also love the MLB for having a slightly different league to league product, no other major sport has that. So to end the anti DH/ DH argument I propose adding two teams and let the AL keep the DH and the NL not have the DH. This isn’t a completely new, or even just my idea, as I have seen other people on this site, and many others mention this. With the new team count of 16 AL and 16 NL I also propose, division realignment and playoff team increase all tied together.

Two additional teams would even MLB up with the other 3 major sports at 32. It would also add 50 additional MLB salaries for players something the players association will easily get behind. It would also bring extra revenue to the revenue sharing table and expanded the MLB brand.

New Divisions
NL East -Mets- PhilliesPiratesReds
NL South- NationalsBraves- Marlins- New Team (San Juan? New Orleans? Orlando?)
NL North- Cubs- Brewers- RockiesCardinals
NL West – PadresDiamondbacks- Dodgers- Giants
AL East- Yankees- Red Sox – Bluejays – Orioles
AL South Option 1- RaysAstrosRoyals – New Team (Charlotte? Richmond? San Juan? New Orleans? Orlando?)
AL South Option 2- Rays – Astros – Royals – Rangers
AL North – Tigers- TwinsWhite SoxIndians
AL West Option 1- Rangers- Angels- Mariners- Athletics
AL West Option 2- Angels- Mariners- Athletics- New Team (Portland? Salt Lake? Arizona? Mexicali?)

Season Breakdown
54 games in division (18 games per 3 teams)
96 out of division in league (8 games per 12 teams)
12 games out of league (3 games per 4 teams) Home team DH rule. True division versus division rotation meaning those interstate rivalries will be played only once every 4 years making them more exciting and uncommon. You host 2 interleague series and you are on the road for 2 interleague series (back to the interstate rivalries- you only host it once every eight years). All Star booster tie in, all four series are played in a row, immediately leading up to and before the All-star game meaning the All-star game ends interleague play. That way if you didn’t get a chance to see a (insert team’s best player here) in interleague because of the division rotation, you may get to see him in the All-Star game.

4 Division winners 2 wild cards 2 best division winner records get a bye. Wildcard round division winners 3 and 4 host wildcard teams 1 and 2 in a best of 3 series. Making it more important to not only win your division but also get the bye. Also the short series prevents the bye team from get rusty and keeps the playoffs from being a two month event. Division winners in the round host the series, home-home-away, losing home field advantage in the game deciding game, but cuts down on travel time especially if the series is decided before game 3. You can schedule home/home/away in 4 days playing the home games back to back no day off. If you did home/away/home it would have to be scheduled 5 days with rest days in between games just in case it was an east/west matchup. Division round is a 5 game series with normal home/home/away/away/home format with best seed facing worst seed. No change to championship series or World Series. World Series DH rule follows current rule, home league DH rule. The additional playoff teams is another reason the owners would allow 2 more teams as more playoff chances equals more revenue chances. Bye series and the fear of a wildcard team not hosting a home playoff game gives teams less reason to cake it at the end of the season when already in position for the playoffs.

Parting Words
I think this has a nice mix of traditional baseball and keeping up with other sports. Maybe make interleague more interesting with the cutback of games and maybe even add some draw to the All-Star game. I would hope the NL South got San Juan and the AL South got Charlotte or Richmond. Baseball has a good following in PR/Virginia/Carolinas (Plus it’ll steal some Northern Braves fans).

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