2013 MLB Draft: LHP/OF Trey Ball

The athletic prep product has shown big power as a hitter, but a low-90s heater from the left side looks like it will dictate his future in the pros.

Trey Ball

Trey Ball
Pos High School / College Consensus Rank
New Castle HS (IN)
1st round
B/T Birthdate (age) Height / Weight
L/L 6/27/94 (18) 6'6" / 190 lbs

Standing at 6’6", the big lefty is a true two-way player: As a pitcher, he has had success and projects favorably, and as a hitter, he looks nearly as good. As a pitcher, Ball sits in the low 90s from the left side that has been clocked as high as 93 MPH. He compliments his fastball with a change-up, his best secondary pitch, and two curveballs, a slow, loopy one, and a faster, slurvy one. His change-up generally is thrown from the same arm slot as his fastball, and has a 10 MPH speed differential, making it effective. A high leg kick and ¾ arm slot add extra deception to his pitches, but Ball sometimes has difficulty repeating his mechanics with his breaking pitches. He telegraphs his curveballs, throwing them from a higher arm angle, especially the slower, loopier pitch. When pitching from the stretch, he uses a sort of slide step that seems to really throw his release point out of wack.

As a position player, he has a steady, easy stroke that generates line-drive power, and could generate home run power as he matures and thickens out. He is speedy, and that translates well both on the base paths, and in the outfield. Ball has a commitment to the University of Texas. Given their notable baseball program, and his own success at the high school level, as both a pitcher and a hitter, Ball will likely have to be blown away to be signed. Given that he could be a plus pitcher, or a plus position player, he might be worth it for a team, though.

Video (via Baseball Factory):

What the scouts are saying:

Jim Callis, Baseball America:

"He has put the [pitcher/outfielder] debate to rest by showing a 91-94 mph fastball and an improved curveball this spring, but he also would merit a second- or third-round selection as a position player."

What Alex is saying:

"Trey Ball is all about potential. At 6-6, 180 pounds, Ball is the definition of projectable, and he’s also perhaps the draft’s best athlete, a guy many scouts preferred as an outfielder before this season. Athleticism on the mound is an underrated feature, because in addition to helping with defense, superior athletes repeat their mechanics better and show additional aptitude in taking to coaching. Ball is a very raw product, even for a high school pitcher, but there’s a lot to like: he’s already at 90-94 with his fastball, and he has a feel for a big breaking ball, which he only recently began throwing. He certainly has some mechanical adjustments to make, but his arm action’s pretty clean. He’ll take time, but I trust him to develop into an above average starter."

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