Happy Birthday to Me. July 29, Never Mind. :-) With FlashThoughts of Tom, Jerry, Cleon, The Beatles, Jimi, Bruce... RIP Clarence

Didn't have a plan

Just in front my Gateway

Constant drink in hand

DAMN the years passed

Ten to twenty seemed a century

Twenty to thirty a half

Last decade a flash

(My) Wild Strawberries


Sixty nine NY miracles that year, 1969

It seemed!!

How bout one?

Tom Terrific amazes twenty five

Cy Young says HI

Cattle ruslin' Jerry Grote

Could barely hit a lick

Though calling for pitches

Neither later could Baltimore at .146

Cleon, OH Cleon; back of a van!?

You Are Forgiven

WTF, free love had spread the land :-)

Wish I had a Boss 429 in 69’

Really; not just to rhyme

Though my Beep Beep 383 Roadrunner was fine

Neither compared to stompin’ the Braves

Thank you Mr. Jones for hittin’ .429

On to THE Series... could this be a trend?

Bring on the Birds

THOSE Birds; Tippi Hedren did not attend

A Miracle some say!

Agee and Swoboda packed heavenly leather

Their catches were Divine

Oh, whatever :-)

Fast forward

My birthday present, to myself

I pass to you

If it's all the same

Flash those pleasant thoughts

I'M in fabulous flames!

Was watchin’ Bruce and the E Street Band

In Barcelona, 2008

Bad Lands

Which clued a click then at last found

The Boss again, oooover and oooover

"I’m Going Down"

In Sweden, 2012, LIVE

At 62!

I relate… but could pass for 45 :-)

Never thought this would happen

Jimi’s been tied

Thought forever it’d be

Least til' I died

The Beatles

Then Jimi

THEN that guy

IN HIS 60s!

With More energy, More purpose

Than most in their teens!

My Standings have changed

The Beatles First as always will be

Some things you never rearrange

Tied: Jimi and Bruce, up from Three

Never be another Big Man

Though that new guy, next of kin… great to see :-)

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