My Dream 2014 Mets Roster

Well, this is my first post on this forum. I'll use this to fight boredom and be able to talk about the Mets with actual knowledgeable people, instead of people who all they care about is the Wilpons selling, firing Terry, firing Sandy, and trading everyone who has a bad week. I know you guys probably get a ton of posts like this, but I figure this is just a starting point for me.

So anyway, now that the trade deadline has passed and the Mets unsurprisingly stood pat, you can accurately make out a team for next year. So, here's my "dream team" if you will, for next season, and player analysis.


1. Eric Young Jr.-LF: In his short stint with the Mets, he's been pretty good overall, and a spark plug for this team. Unless they go out and sign Ellsbury, he deserves a shot to be a full-time starter and a leadoff hitter for a full season.

2. Daniel Murphy-2B: I know there's some talk about trading him to make room for Flores, but as inconsistent as he is I think he's a nice piece moving forward.

3. David Wright-3B: The Captain, the Franchise, and the best hitter in Mets history. He could very well pass Daryl Strawberry for the franchise lead in Home Runs as soon as next season.

4. Hunter Pence- RF: This is where my "dream" scenario comes in. I'd love for Sandy to go out and pick up either him or Shin-Soo-Choo. I put him in the cleanup spot because unless Ike Davis or Lucas Duda has a power surge these last 2 months of the season, you can't start them in the cleanup spot on opening day next year.

5. Jhonny Peralta- SS: Assuming he serves his suspension this year, and the Tigers let him walk, I feel this is a move that Sandy MUST at least look into. It's also possible that if they pick him up, they can bat him 2nd and put Murphy in the 5 hole. Ruben Tejada is a good backup, a defensive replacement in the late innings, but not much more. This could be the difference between winning 75 games and 85 games next year.

6. Travis d'Arnaud- C: If he can just stay healthy, we've really got something here.

7. Juan Lagares- CF: I think we can all agree that as of right now he's the future starting center fielder. If he can hit .270 with the kind of defense he plays, he'll have a 20 year career. He just needs to learn to take more walks.

8. Ike Davis- 1B: I think they do tender him, and he starts as the starting first baseman next year. I do feel a little bad putting him at 8th, and he could certainly move up or even bat cleanup, but i'd feel worse putting d"Arnaud and Lagares in the 8th spot. They should give him one more shot. If it doesn't work, try Duda or Flores at first.


1. Matt Harvey- The man, the myth, and already one of the best pitchers in the game.

2. Zack Wheeler- Once he settles in he'll be a fine MLB pitcher.

3. Jonathan Niese- Expect a bounce back year from him.

4. Dillon Gee- I think he makes the rotation next year.

5. Jeremy Hefner- They could very well pick up Phil Hughes and make Hefner the long man, but right now i'll stick with Hef. Him and Gee though will probably battle it out to keep their jobs once Montero gets called up mid-year, barring injuries.


Lucas Duda- OF/1B- To me, he's a career bench player and has almost no future with this team. Should Ike struggle, he could be called upon to play first, but he's too inconsistent to start.

Wilmer Flores- 1B/2B- I think he makes the team out of Spring Training, and I give him a decent chance to win the starting first base job in Spring or during the season.

Justin Turner- Where doesn't he play?: The most versatile player on the planet, and oh yeah, hes a pretty good hitter too. Very valuable bench player.

Marlon Byrd- OF: I think he comes back as a backup. Most teams know how fluky this year is and won't offer him a huge deal that the Mets can't afford.

John Buck-C: With d'Arnaud as injury prone as he is, they need a good backup. And Buck is a good backup. I wouldn't be surprised if they re-signed him. I also wouldn't be surprised to see them go elsewhere. I just picked Buck because he's already on the team.

Notable relievers:

CP- Bobby Parnell: He's the closer of the future, and they should really hold onto him.

David Aardsma: He's pitched well enough to come back next year

Scott Rice: He, too, should come back next year. With a much decreased workload, though.

Josh Edgin: The Mets need him to be a solid 2nd lefty next year. I think he makes the team out of Spring Training.

Notable exclusions:

Josh Satin- I think Flores is the guy who he loses out too in Spring Training, but I do expect him to be in the majors at some point next year.

Ruben Tejada- If the Mets get Peralta, I can't see him making the team. Like Satin, I do expect him to be in the majors at some point. But if the Mets don't go out and get a shortstop, I expect him to be the starting shorstop next year.

Jordany Valdespin- A decent pinch hitter without a position and slightly above average power and speed is easy to find, and you'll have less of a headache to deal with in many other cases, so not much reason for the Mets, or any team, to have him at the MLB level.

Kirk Nieuwehuis- He'll probably be in the majors eventually next year as well, but his lack of hitting is gonna hold him back.

Matt Den Dekker- Now that they've discovered Lagares and his defense, Den Dekker really isn't a necessity anymore, and the Mets can live without his automatic strikeout.

What are your thoughts?

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