Amazin' Avenue Mets GIF of the week

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past three weeks, the Mets have given us several top-notch GIFs. Vote for your favorite!

We're back with another poll of your favorite Mets GIF of the past, well, three weeks. In the last installment of the Amazin' Avenue GIF of the week, Mr. Met's fist bump with Chewbacca just barely beat out Eric Young's juke-and-dive.

There are many choices this week. Be sure to choose wisely. Voting closes at 11:00 pm EDT on Wednesday.

Harvey hugs Wheeler

"After leaving the game, Zack Wheeler was greeted by Matt Harvey in the dugout with a tender, loving, totally-not-bro hug, which was the very best.

Daniel Murphy's sort-of-silent treatment

"After Flores hit his first career home run off Heath Bell in the top of the eighth last night, Daniel Murphy stood at the edge of the dugout to greet and congratulate the youngster. Then Murphy seemingly remembered that unwritten baseball rule about never celebrating a player's first home run for at least the first five seconds after he returns to the dugout."

Tom Goodwin rubs a baseball on Wilmer Flores

"The hit itself was nothing too exciting, but this bit with first base coach Tom Goodwin made me chuckle."

Relay throw hits Marlon Byrd in the butt

"In the bottom of the first, Ike Davis's opposite-field double down the line sent Marlon Byrd from first to third. The relay throw — which drew much criticism from Keith Hernandez for Troy Tulowitzki being out of position — bounced once and struck Byrd right in the keister."

Eric Young jumps for joy

"In the bottom of the eighth, Eric Young scored from second with the go-ahead run on Juan Lagares's infield single. Young was kind of excited about it (h/t @tomthirtysix).

Keith chows down

"In the bottom of the sixth inning of yesterday's Mets-Royals game, Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen were chatting about the Mets' signature meatball hero, which Keith was about to sample for himself. And sample it he did, with a fork because Keith is a refined gastronomer who doesn't constrain himself to your idea of the right way and wrong way to eat a hero."

Chad Qualls falls

"Chad Qualls then got a little too excited, punctuating his big moment with an epic fist-pump. Apparently not too experienced with the celebratory arm gesture, Qualls lost his balance and tumbled to the turf."

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