Notes on Mets Prospects from today's BA chat

    Izzy (New York): What are the future grades on Smith's Hit and Power tools?
    Ben Badler: Could be plus bat, plus power. Throw in plus defense at first base too and you have a potential all-star and about as well-rounded of a player as you'll find out of a first baseman.

    John (Chicago): Aside from Giolito and Meadows, do you think any other players in the GCL will make the top 100?
    Ben Badler: The top six all have a chance. That group was clearly a cut above the rest of the league, and in a thinner year, you could put any of them at No. 1 on this list.

    Izzy (New York): Did any other Mets merit consideration? Anything of note on Andrew Church, Casey Meisner, Ivan Wilson, Wuilmer Becerra, and Vicente Lupo?
    Ben Badler: Jhoan Urena is a guy to keep an eye on. Switch-hitter who can drive the ball from both sides even if the power didn't show up in games this year, but he's made a lot of strides with his pitch recognition and hitting approach and the raw power is definitely in there. He's a big-bodied guy so he's going to have to work to stay at third base, but the bat potential there is very intriguing.

    Warren (New London): I can see that there was a lot of talent in this league (much more than in Arizona, it seems to me), but I'm still pretty surprised to see Crawford as low as 6. Is this a case of respecting the draft order pending more data, since the guys picked ahead of him all played very well also? Or were observers really less impressed with him than with Barreto (who won't stay at shortstop), McGuire (who might not hit), and Smith (love him, but he didn't hit any better than Crawford)?
    Ben Badler: We had the players in the 3-6 range mixed up in just about every order possible before deciding on the final ranking, and frankly, there's not a big gap between them. One player who repeatedly received as much praise as anyone was McGuire, both for his defense and his bat. It's a simple swing, he has a good approach, he makes plenty of contact and uses the whole field, so if he can bring out 10-15 home runs a year, with that defense, you have an all-star catcher. But I think Smith, Barreto (who's a year younger than all of these guys) and Crawford all have the potential to be above-average regulars too. This was just a stacked league, and those six at the top are all in the Top 100 mix.

    Steve (California): Loved seeing Dom Smith so high on your list. Do you think .290/.360/.500 is a realistic upside for him eventually? What level would you start him at next year?
    Ben Badler: Given his plate discipline and pitch recognition, I'd bump the OBP upside up a little more. He should be in Savannah next year.

    Alex M (NJ): Did Wuilmer Becerra recieve any consideration for the list?
    Ben Badler: Worth keeping an eye on, but wasn't really close for this list. It's hard to know how much the injury last year set him back or might still be affecting him, but in terms of evaluating what we can see, there was a lot of swing and miss and the tools aren't quite as explosive as they were when he signed.

    John (Chicago): I know we're focusing on the top talent, but I am curious about one of the bigger disappointments. Any thoughts on Vicente Lupo's struggles?
    Ben Badler: He's more of a power-first guy over a pure hitter, so he's someone who could face some streakiness as he climbs the ladder. He sprained his left wrist though trying to make a diving catch in the outfield, so it was an abbreviated year for him.

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