This Week In SNY, Part Four, featuring Daniel Murphy cleaning himself like a cat, Kirk Nieuwenhuis' videobomb, and Ralph Kiner in the booth

A look at the goings-on at SNY, the Mets' television home. Part four of four this week.

This is the conclusion of the TWISNY catch-up series. A big thanks goes out to Chris McShane and Eric Simon, who continued to provide plenty of tips this season even as TWISNY went on an extended hiatus. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 18th

Keith Hernandez would prefer the broadcast team be called Keith, Ron, and Gary, and he sent Gary Cohen a message to let him know:

Wednesday, June 5th

Daniel Murphy's reflexes in the field aren't exactly cat-like, but his personal hygiene habits are:

Monday, July 1st

Let's check in with Kevin! What's Kevin's secret for maintaining his silky-smooth voice? Drinking tea during games:


Back in March, we noted the Mets' July series with the Diamondbacks as a series to watch. The reason? SNY was unable to spell D-Backs first baseman Paul Goldschmidt's last name correctly last season. SNY consistently omitted the letter "c" in Goldschmidt. A couple examples:



We believe that spelling a person's name correctly is important. It turns out SNY finally figured it out this season, but it took multiple tries. Here was their first attempt, a resounding failure:


However, SNY did good by Goldschmidt during his first plate appearance:


Hat tip to SNY! There will be no Nitpicking With TWISNY to honor the achievement.

Thursday, July 4th

This was a fun Keith and Gary exchange, given Keith's history:

Gary Cohen: [Ian Kennedy] missed one start when he cut his finger washing a knife in the sink, and he cut the finger on his pitching hand.

Keith Hernandez: That's just not a job for men, they're always going to get hurt in the doggone kitchen, I'm tellin' ya!

Gary Cohen: I think you should stop right there.

The legendary Ralph Kiner joined the booth:


He hinted at some recent health issues -- he is 90 years old, after all -- but was generally in good spirits. He said that Bob Feller was the best pitcher he ever saw, and that Matt Harvey reminds him of Feller. It's always a pleasure when Ralph stops by.

This kid, along with the rest of us, has had about enough of the marathon extra-inning games this season (this was in the 14th inning):


And this kid, seen here taking a nap in the 16th inning of the Mets-Giants game on July 8th, knows what to do when game length approaches five hours:


Tuesday, July 9th

Kirk Nieuwenhuis strikes out a lot and isn't much defensively, but at least he gave us this fine videobomb:

Friday, July 12th

It's always nice to see President Chester A. Arthur at the ballpark:


Sunday, July 21st

It makes sense that Kevin has his own personal beer man, but we have to question the beer selection. Maybe mix in some Blue Point or Brooklyn Brewery products with the Budweiser:


Tuesday, July 23rd

Kevin always nails the big interviews:


"Now, Anakin, what were your emotions as you tossed Emperor Palpatine down the Death Star reactor shaft?"

Wednesday, July 24th

Kevin and Mr. Met, just two cool dudes broin' out at Citi Field:


Monday, July 29th

The performance art on display here by Marlins fans is rivaled only by the actual art in center field at Marlins Park:


Friday, August 9th

Hey, Diamondbacks pool lifeguards, eyes off the phones and eyes on the pool!:


That's all for now. Send any tips or suggestions to You will be credited if we run the material. See you next week!

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