Mets Player Performance Meter: Position Players, Week 22

David Maxwell

The Mets' lineup was actually pretty good over the past week.

This September is obviously all about the future for the Mets. Unfortunately, a couple of their youngest players haven't shown much lately. Lucas Duda, however, is making some noise with his bat, and most of the team's veterans were pretty good over the last seven days.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Andrew Brown, OF Brown has had some great weeks, but this was not one of them.
Travis d'Arnaud, C It was a putrid week of hitting for the young catcher, but his .062/.062/.062 line came with a .077 BABIP. The fact that he's played just 17 games in the majors won't stop some folks from freaking out, though.
Matt den Dekker, CF He hit .286 but didn't have any extra-base hits or draw any walks.
Lucas Duda, 1B Since coming back to the big leagues, Duda has looked great at the plate. His .435 OBP and .579 SLG this week are outstanding given the state of offense in baseball this year.
Wilmer Flores, 3B With a barking ankle, Flores was hitless and had just a .167 OBP.
Juan Lagares, CF On top of his usual defense, Lagares had a decent week at the plate, hitting .304 with a .681 OPS.
Zach Lutz, IF -- He had just a double in five plate appearances.
Daniel Murphy, 2B When Murphy's hot, he's hot. Guy hit .318 with a .907 OPS this week and had more walks than strikeouts.
Omar Quintanilla, SS With a .333 average and .375 OBP this week, Q's production was perfectly decent for a shortstop.
Anthony Recker, C Spotting d'Arnaud, Recker had just a .452 OPS.
Josh Satin, 1B In four games, Satin didn't hit much or draw any walks.
Justin Turner, IF Most weeks aren't great for Turner, but he's had a few like this one, during which his .954 OPS was the second-best mark on the Mets.
David Wright, 3B Wright is back with the Mets but is not yet ready to return to games.
Eric Young Jr., LF Like Murphy, Young's been awfully streaky, but things are going well lately. He hit .318/.423/.455 last week.

This week's meter covers games from September 2 through 8.

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