the Short Stop market

there are alot of good young SS pushing their way into MLB right now and there will be a surplus soon. these are all 30 MLB teams and thier SS situations. the 1st name is the guy who will most likely be the teams everyday SS and not be moved at all. the 2nd, and 3rd names are all players the Mets could acquire. i'm not looking at guys who are 2 or 3 year away, i'm looking at guys the Mets can get right now or at the all-star break and start everyday at SS. so lets begin.

Baltimore Orioles- 1) Manny Machado, 2) J.J Hardy,

Boston Red Sox- 1) Xander Bogaerts,

New York Yankees- 1) Derek Jeter

Tampa Bay Rays- 1) Hak-Ju Lee, 2) Yunel Escobar, 3) Tim Beckham

Toronto Blue Jays- 1) Jose Reyes, 2) Maicer Izturis

Chicago White Sox- 1) Marcus Semien, 2) Carlos Sanchez, 3) Aramis Ramirez

Cleveland Indians- 1) Francisco Lindor, 2) Asdrubal Cabrera, 3) Ronny Rodriguez

Detroit Tigers- 1) Jose Iglesias

Kansas City Royals- 1) Alcides Escobar

Minnesota Twins- 1) Daniel Santana, 2) Pedro Florimon

Houston Astros- 1) Jonathan Villar

L.A Angles- 1) Erick Aybar

Oakland A's- 1) Addison Russell, 2) Jed Lowrie

Seattle Mariners- 1) Brad Miller, 2) Nick Franklin, 3) Willie Bloomquist

Texas Rangers- 1) Jurickson Profar, 2) Elvis Andrus

Atlanta Braves- 1) Andrelton Simmons

Miami Marlins- 1) Adeiny Hechavarria

The Mets- 1) Ruben Tejada, 2) Wilfredo Tovar

Philidephia Phillies- 1) Jimmy Rollins

Washington Nationals - 1) Ian Desmond, 2) Danny Espinosa, 3) Zach Walters

Chicago Cubs- 1) Javier Baez, 2) Starlin Castro, 3) Arismendy Alcantara

Cincinnati Reds- 1) Zack Cozart

Milwaukee Brewers- 1) Jean Segura

Pittsburgh Pirates- 1) Alen Hanson, 2) Jordy Mercer

St. Louis Cardinals- 1) Jhonny Peralta, 2) Daniel Descalso, 3) Pete Kozma

Arizona Diamondbacks- 1) Didi Gregorius, 2) Chris Owings, 3) Nick Ahmed

Colorado Rockies- 1) Troy Tulowitzki, 2) Josh Rutledge

Los Angeles Dodgers- 1) Hanley Ramirez, 2) Dee Gordon

San Diego Padres- 1) Everth Cabrera 2) Logan Forsythe

SF Giants- 1) Brandon Crawford, 2) Joe Panik 3) Joaquin Arias

in conclusion most teams have an established good SS or a good young high ranked SS. and some even have both with high ranked SS pushing out good players. the only teams with ageing SS and no youth on the way are the Phillies and the Yankees. look at all those great SS being pushed out by the high ranked kids. the SS market is a shmorgishborg of talent why settle for Drew when there are all these options to explore. personally i would go with a great tools kid making the min and MLB ready right now like Chris Owing. but Javier Baez is going to force the Cubs to make a move with Castro and i would not mind him either.

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