Mets Projected 2017 Team

With the AAOP season over with and spring training around the corner I decided it was time to take a look into the Mets future. With one of the strongest farm systems in baseball the Mets have a bright future so I could not help but look down the road and imagine what the team will be like. The team would only be constructed of players currently on the team or in the farm system because as we've seen this offseason trades and free agency are unpredictable.

Lets being with the Mets greatest strength now and project in the future, the rotation.

1. Matt Harvey- Age 28 in 2017- Now it would be two years since Tommy John surgery but he has recovered and progressed back to his 2013 form as one of the top 5 pitchers in the League

2. Noah Syndergaard- Age 25 in 2017- Currently the Mets top prospect and he's the real deal. With 3 plus pitches and plus-plus control he's an ace in the making and by 2017 he'll be right up with Harvey on top.

3. Zack Wheeler- Age 27 in 2017- The final member of the Mets new Generation K, Wheeler is the prototype of power pitcher. His plus-plus fastball sits in the mid-90s and his curve is "an absolute hammer". He occasionally has control issues but after a few seasons in the majors he should have them worked out.

4. Jon Niese- Age 31 in 2017- In 2012 the Mets locked up Niese to an extension through 2018 and for good reason. He has good command and solid offerings and he is a great number 4 noting he started Opening Day 2013.

5. Rafeal Montero- Age 27 in 2017- The Mets current #3 prospect Montero draws comparisons to former Met Pedro Martinez. Hes an undersized righty with a deceptive fastball and solid off-speed offerings that play up with his pin-point command.

The next part of the lineup that will be projected is the line-up

1. Amed Rosiario- SS- Age 22 in 2017- The youngest member of the team but with the highest upside. Amed has great hitting ability with plus power and solid speed. He is the most exciting Mets position prospect since Jose Reyes and draws comparisons to JJ Hardy and Troy Tulowitski.

2. Daniel Murphy- 2B- Age 32 in 2017- Murphy may be 32 in 2017 but he still will hit. By 2017 his speed may be waring but his defense can only get better with experience and at second base his range is more than enough at second base especially since he will be surrounded by plus fielders at SS and 1B

3. David Wright- 3B- Age 35 in 2017- The Captain will still be entrench at the hot corner in 2017. Enough said.

4. Curtis Granderson- LF- Age 36 in 2017- The Grandy man will be in the last year of his contract but he still will have the power to bat cleanup. He will soon be ready to be replaced by a product of the farm system.

5. Travis d'Arnaud-C- Age 28 in 2017- Travis will have proven that he can hit at the big league level so a stat line of 285-22-90 is not unreasonable from our franchise backstop.

6. Domonic Smith- 1B- Age 22 in 2017- The Mets 2013 First Round Pick is expected to arrive in NY in 2017 just in time to make the projected team. His plus hitting, plus approach and plus power from the left side remind me of Joey Votto. He also has great range at first which will help extend Murphy's days at second base.

7. Cesar Puello- RF- Age 26 in 2017- After his breakout season in 2013 ended early because of the Biogenisis suspension many people have written him off. I haven't just yet and noting he's the Mets best outfield prospect with a floor below extreme or high I think he will be the staring right fielder in 2017. He is a potential 5 tool outfielder who compares to A's outfielder Yoenis Cespedes.

8. Juan Lagares- CF- Age 28 in 2017- If you haven't seen Juan play center field then you are missing out. He is such an amazing fielder that I believe he only needs to hit .240 to stay in the lineup but I think he's better than that. With a better approach after a few seasons in the majors I think he could put up numbers similar to Carlos Gomez in 2012 with even better defense.

Its so tough to project future bullpens so I won't even attempt but I will list some position players whom could make an impact from the bench. These players include Wilmer Flores (Age 26), Kevin Plawecki (Age 26), Dilson Herrera (Age 23), Gavin Cecchini (Age 24) and Brandon Nimmo (Age 24). Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any additions to the projected team or just want to post your opinion on the article. Thanks!

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