Help Wanted: "Best of 2013: Fanpost Edition"


All - I was thinking of putting together a fanpost complete with polls so that the user community can vote on mock 'Best Of' categories. The problem is that this was my first year on AA - and if I were to take on this task alone, I would surely be lambasted as a 'n00b' and a 'Jason Bay': I have no way of knowing what was actually new to AA vs. historical (did you guys always like Pizza? ... Me too! So weird!)

To make this qualify as a fanpost, I will do research and add color commentary to the suggestions.

Here are some poll categories and options I threw together. Please use the comment section to brainstorm this with me (or not. see if I care. I was trying to do this for your benefit. Jerk.)

1. Best Meme:
a. $8 Venti Mocha Triple Latte
c. Semantics.

Best Troll:
a. CrazyRemy
b. HappyHank
c. Phillip Kosoy
e. Murdertron (i kid, i kid)

Best Gif:
a. David Wright Being Awesome (post-game hug)
b. John Buck playing big brother to Harvey
c. Kirk bombing Hefner post game (was this 2012?)
d. Q takes a helmet to the head.
e. Daniel Murphy too fast for cameras

Best Announcing Team:
a. GKR
b. Howie and Josh
c. John and Susan
d. Joe Buck and Friends

Best Use of "This should be a fanshot":
a. CStroh: "Fanshot, should be one. "
b. SuperSantana: Classic line with a trademark symbol.
c. Bobby Baseball" Hey happyhank, I realize this post
may have generated more negative comments your way than you may have hoped for, but look on the bright side..."
d. CStroh: "This might should maybe somewhat be a fanshot"
e. Cannon Geyser: "This should probably be a FanShot, or a comment in a Mets Daily News post or something."

Best Dickey God reference:
a. ScottfromPeekskill "By RA Dickeys beard this is the dumbest looking pair of owners on the planet."
b. Mzvalaren "It was Dickeys will" --- the rest of the comment is golden...err... green.
c. MTC: " Let us unsettle from their slumber various strip club songs applicable to RA Dickey. Let us do this, and the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard."
d. Sypa: Dickey's Prayer "...O long-suffering knuckleballer, show me your compassion and mercy that we may glorify your divine UCL-less arm"

I would gladly take suggestions for additional poll options, poll questions, etc.

me, duh.
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