What to do with Wilmer Flores?

In 2007 The Mets signed a five-tool shortstop Named Wilmer Flores. It is seven years later now and he has three of those tools, 1) He can hit, 2) He has some power, and 3) He can throw. But the problem, is where should he throw it from?

Many people compare the Flores situation to that of Daniel Murphy a few years ago, and think he can become Murphy. First we must see how they compare. Wilmer Flores has a strikeout rate of about 15%, lucky for him so does Murphy. Now we check out there walk rate, Flores walked a little more than 5% of the time last year, Murphy walks around the same amount. They also both have wRC+'s around 100.

The big difference between them is baseruning. Murphy is an amazin' baserunner for someone who isn't very fast. Flores on the other hand has a 20 speed on the 20-80 scale scouts use. and he hasn't learned to survive without speed the way Murphy has.

Then we come across another question, how good is Daniel Murphy? Last year, according to, Murphy posted the highest WAR of his life, a 3.0. He posted this WAR while having an O.K. defensive year, and a great baserunning year. on average Murphy is probably a 2.5 WAR player.

So even if everything goes right for Flores it is hard to see him being more than a 2.0 WAR shortstop, and Ruben Tejada can probably (hopefully) match that. So for Flores we have to find him a position he can play, maybe even slightly above league average. But for the Mets third base is covered until atleast 2020.

Now we look at the possibility of trading him. We want a team with a longtearm hole at third base, and maybe a short tearm need at second base. The New York Yankee's come to mind, but they have no one we need. So then i find my answer, the Texas Rangers! Atleast to start the year Jurickson Profar is going to be on the DL, and Elvis Andrus is having problems with injuries as well. They have one of the best third baseman in baseball, in Adrian Beltre, but someday in the near future he may just find out that baseball players are not ageless. At that point, since the Rangers traded Mike Olt, Flores can take over. Until then he can platoon DH with Mitch Moreland.

Who can we get for him then? They have three shortstops. 1) Jurickson Profar- He's not going anywhere, forget it. 2) Elvis Andrus- if we throw in Rafael Montero we might be on to something, but we will need to take on his whole contract. And 3) Luis Sardinas- Him we might be able to do a trade straight up for. He looks like a future Elvis Andrus, and if he advances fast enough, he might be able to make the 2015 opening day roster.

In short, don't get too pumped up for Flores as a shortstop, he will be no more than league average. The Mets would be better off trading him to the Rangers for Luis Sardinas.

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