A meager attempt at helping folks thinking of reaching for razor blades before I head to the airport to hit hotspots like Lansing & Madison . . .

Wilmer's looked fine with the glove. Hasn't really been tested but two games in he looks comfortable, well armed and aware. Long way to go but a decent start's better than a bad one. Now if he could save his hits for when men are on base we might really be on to something . . .

Captain Long Ball. Hopefully the HR marks the start of a run where DW carries the offense.

GranderMay. He's hitting .290/.371/.516 in May. Not enough to offset the horrendous April numbers but sure beats him doubling down on that ugliness.

The rotation. This is both good and bad news. They're giving us pretty much everything we could have hoped for. Sure they've had a couple of stinkers but every club's has. Yeah, we need better length out of Jenrry but overall it's pretty much nit-picking. The bad news? Well, it's hard to imagine the rotation being substantially better even with guys like Harvey, Montero and Syndergaard added in. Yeah we could get marginally better but we'll be just as capable of losing games thanks to a bullpen meltdown or a LOBster festival as we are now. Aside from Harvey, those guys aren't likely to save us many/any bullpen innings.

**It happens. The vast majority of clubs have at least one 5 game losing streak throughout the year. Now we're up to six which ain't good . . . and we sure can't make it a habit. But only the very worst clubs are actually as bad as they look in the middle of a streak like this. If you think we're one of the worst then you probably either stopped reading this a while ago or are desperately trying to figure how to delete this post. It will get better. It may not stay better as long as we hope but there will be some good runs this season.

Middlin' Mets for a while. We've been nearly a .500 club for 134 games now. That's a long time. We're 66-68 and we've just lost 6 in a row. Let's get back to .500 and go from there. The hitting might stay this bad - but I doubt it. The starters may slide a bit but barring injury aren't likely to collapse. And the bullpen? Well I've got no friggin' idea. But the f/o seems to recognize the status quo isn't acceptable. Whether they can pull a rabbit out of their hat or not is probably a coin flip but we ought to at least be able to watch that coin fly for a while.

Beat Hamels, spank the Yanks and let's see what happens as the humidity climbs.

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