One week final draft preview!- The Mets final options! (Updated: now includes Mock draft!!!)

It is now exactly one week away from the 2014 MLB first year player draft, to the minute. This post is to see who the Mets might/ can take. This will be my last draft preview, here are my previous ones.

Draft preview. My top 50 players, and comparisons. Also important lessons on how the draft works.

One week later, my final draft choice(s).

2014 MLB mock draft!

Now let's get down to buisness.

The players we can't get, no matter how much we want them:

Carlos Rodon:

Carlos Rodon is a college lefty who's been compared to David Price, and was once the unanimus #1 choice. He can still go #1. Rodon had a slow start this season, but picked up the pace, he is thought to be just as good a pitcher as he was when he was considered the unanimus #1 pick. What led to his not being the unanimus #1 pick is the rise of Brady Aiken and Tyler Kolek (read below). He was still predicted to go #1 until it was revealed that the Astros weren't happy about his workload. Non-the-less he should still be in consideration for the #1 pick, and will go very early even if not #1. Carlos Rodon - LHP - N.C. State (via alskor)

Tyler Kolek:

Nolan Ryan 2.0! Kolek started the season touching 100 MPH! Now he throws consistantly 100MPH!!! If i had the #1 pick, i'd want Kolek. He's a sure fire MLB player even if he doesn't sort out his control problems. Just try to imagine what he can be if he does sort out his control issues. It's hard not to start drooling. He also has a very nice 12-6 curveball that could be plus. His changeup needs work but could become another solid offering. 2014 prospects: Tyler Kolek, rhp, Shepherd, Texas (HS) (via Kendall Rogers)

Brady Aiken:

Aiken has risen soooo far this year on draft boards, in may cases probably taking the #1 spot. Aiken has been compared to Clayton Kershaw, and that was before his rise. Aiken is a high school lefty who can throw the ball in the 92-94 MPH range, with movement. His curveball and change should both become above average to plus pitches. He can control all of his pitches very very well. 2014 LHP Brady Aiken (Cardiff by the Sea, CA) (via PerfectGameBaseball)

Nick Gordon:

Will the Gordon family ever end? not yet. Nick has flown up draft boards this year, and it's not nepotism. He was always considered a premium defender, and his speed is very good. The problem was his bat, Nick can put the bat on the ball, but he needs power. We'll even settle for Ben Revere power. But just get the ball out of the infield! Well, he heard scouts crys and answered them. He's put on weight and is expected to put on more. He actually reminds me of Gavin Cecchini with a better arm. Though Cecchini put on his weight after the draft. 2013 UA ALL-AMERICAN: NICK GORDON (via Baseball Factory)

Aaron Nola:

Aaron Nola is the 2nd best (Carlos Rodon) college arm in the draft class. He has a low 90's fastball that he controls well. And while his slider could be an average offering, it's not his best pitch. No, that would be his changeup. He has a very advanced one. The best part is that he has great control of all of his pitches. He reminds me forcefully of Rafael Montero. Aaron Nola (via Scout)

Alex Jackson:

Alex is the best high school position player in this years draft class, and the only person that's close is Nick Gordon. Alex Jackson has above average contact and power, and as if that wasn't good enough, he's a catcher! Most think Jackson can stay at catcher, with the help of his strong arm. The question is wether or not a team wants him to. Examples of this senerio are Bryce Harper and Will Myers. ALEX JACKSON PROSPECT VIDEO, CATCHER, RANCHO BERNARDO HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2014 (via Big League Futures)

Players that we're unlikely to get, but might just fall into our lap.

Kyle Freeland:

Kyle has skyrocketed up draftboards this year. A college lefty Freeman stil has a projectable frame, which is unusual for a college pitcher. Freemans fastball sits in the low to mid 90's with alot of life. He has an above average slider that sits in the low 80's. While his changeup isn't great, it has good sink and can become an average offering. He has very good control. Kyle Freeland — LHP (via Baseball America)

Tyler Beede:

Beede is a college righty, who, unlike Freeland, is no longer projectable. Beede has a mid 90's fastball, and a very good curveball. His changeup sits in the low 80's, same as his curve, and can be an average offering. The million dollar question is wether or not he can control his pitches. But he's still likely to go before the Mets have a crack at him with the #10 pick. TYLER BEEDE PROSPECT VIDEO, RHP, VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY (via Big League Futures)

Touki Toussaint:

Sorry everyone, but Touki is predicted by most/ all to go to the Blue Jays with one pick or the other. The way i see it is if they think the Mets might take him, they'll take him 9th. But hers what we'll likely be missing. Touki has a low to mid 90's fastball that could be plus. His 12-6 curveball can also be plus. He also has a changeup that could be average. But he should work on his control. And i forgot to mention that his curveball sits in the low 70's!!!


The other players that should be available, and tempting when the Mets pick.

Jeff Hoffman:

When Carlos Rodon was considered the #1 pick, Hoffman was the only one who challenged him. But then he was struck by some strange unknown injury called Tommy John surgery. Before that he had a plus fastball and plus curveball. his chsangeup and control are both above average. He goes top 5 if not for TJ. 2014 prospects Jeff Hoffman, rhp, East Carolina (via Kendall Rogers)

Bradley Zimmer:

Zimmer is a toss up. In mock drafts i've seen him go as high as #5, or as low as #16. He may be the best college position player in the draft. Zimmer is basically a 5 tool player without any plus tools. He reminds me of Brandon Nimmo. Bradley Zimmer, San Francisco Sophomore OF (vs. San Diego) (via rkyosh007)

Trea Turner:

Turner is a college shortstop, and the best in the class. Turner can and will stay at shortstop but he isn't likely to win any gold gloves. However he can win the "gold feet" award, Turner has a full grown 80 speed. His contact is good, maybe slightly above average. His power is supposedly not great, but he still had he 2nd most in college this past season. Trea Turner (via Scout)

Sean Newcomb:

Newcomb is a 6'5 college left hander with a fastball in the low to mid 90's. Newcomb also has an above average slider to go along with an average curveball and changeup. His control is mediocre. Newcomb has been linked to the Mets. Sean Newcomb - University of Hartford (via E.Tyler Bullock)

Michael Conforto:

Conforto has the best college power in this draft class. He has above average power and average contact. Michael (an outfielder) is an average fielder with an average arm. He has below average speed. Conforto has been linked to the Mets. MICHAEL CONFORTO PROSPECT VIDEO, OF, OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY (via Big League Futures)

Michael Chavis:

Chavis is another high school player to fly up draft boards this year. He plays shortstop right now but can also play outfield and catcher. His most likely future home is thirdbase. Chavis has a good hit tool and has increased his power, to potentially make it slightly above average. He's an average runner and fielder but he's got a very nice arm. MICHAEL CHAVIS PROSPECT VIDEO, IF, SPRAYBERRY HIGH SCHOOL @BIGLEAGUEFUTURE #PGAAC (via Big League Futures)

Michael Gettys:

Speed- plus, arm- plus, fielding- plus, power- above average, hitting- let's change to another subject. Gettys is only being mentioned here because a couple of months ago, many people on AA were getting crazy about him. What has changed in those 2 onths? Everything. He just can't hit. He's not even a first rounder anymore. MICHAEL GETTYS PROSPECT VIDEO, OF, GAINESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL @BIGLEAGUEFUTURE (via Big League Futures)

Jacob Gatewood:

Gatewood has the most potential in the draft class, and definately the best to dream on. The problem is his hit tool. Although Gatewood has very good bat control, he strikes out alot because of his pitch recognition skills. The problem is that his swing has too many moving parts. If a team can change that, therefor helping him get more time to reconize pitches, he should be able to be an average hitter at the highest level. Gatewood has, without question the best power in the draft, and he's still projectable. The chance that he stays at shortstop is slim but he can be a very good defender at third base. Gatewood has a plus arm and slightly below average speed. JACOB GATEWOOD PROSPECT VIDEO, SS, CLOVIS HIGH SCHOOL #MLBDRAFT @BIGLEAGUEFUTURE #PGAAC (via Big League Futures)

Kodi Medeiros:

Kodi comes from the islands. Kodi has an unorthadox delivery, that reminds some scouts of Chris Sale. He has a low 90's fastball that comes along with an above average slider and an above average changeup. He does have some control issues that will have to be answered, but maybe moving the main land of the states and spending all of his time on baseball will he those problems. KODI MEDEIROS PROSPECT VIDEO, LHP, WAIAKEA HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2014, #PGAAC (via Big League Futures)

Max Pentecost:

Another player to fly up draftboards this year. In 2011 Pentecost was a 7th round pick of the Rangers. This year he'll get a large signing bonus. Pentecost, a college catcher, makes consistantly good contact, and has gap power. He's an OK defender with a strong arm, but he has something VERY rare for catchers... Average speed! Max Pentecost (via Scout)

Sean Reid-Foley:

Foley is a live high school right hander. He has a low to mid 90's fastball and an above average slider. He also throws a good curveball and an average changeup. He can have above average control at the last level. Sean Reid Foley Prospect Video, RHP, Sandalwood High School @acbaseballgames (via Big League Futures)

Brandon Finnegan:

Finnegan is a very short pitcher. He's listed at 5'11, and we know that these listings get exagerated. However the college lefty is still a first rounder. Despite his size Finnegan can throw his fastball in the mid 90's. He has an above average slider, and has an average changeup and average control. Brandon Finnegan (07-15-2013) at Crystal Lake (Geneva, Ill.) (via BPProspectTeam)

Kyle Schwarber:

Schwarber knows how to hit. the question is wether or not the college player knows how to catch. His arm and defense are subpar behind the plate, but a move to left field wouldn't hurt him. He has plus power and above average hitting skills. He can hit at catcher or left field to become a star. Kyle Schwarber (07-16-2013) vs MCBLI All Stars (Geneva, Ill.) (via DiamondScapeBaseball)

Grant Holmes:

Another high school right hander. Holmes has a high 90's fastball and a great curveball. His changeup isn't as great as his other 2 pitches but can still become big league average. His control can also be average. GRANT HOLMES PROSPECT VIDEO, RHP, CONWAY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2014 @BIGLEAGUEFUTURE (via Big League Futures)

Monte Harrison:

Harrison is a 5 tool guy. And with Gettys' hit issues, might just be the best one in the class. Harrison has a plus arm, ad is an above average fielder. He has above average speed and power. Hariison has an average hit tool. He looks like Gettys trading a little bit of every tool to get the most important one. MONTE' HARRISON PROSPECT VIDEO, OF, LEE'S SUMMIT WEST HIGH SCHOOL @BIGLEAGUEFUTURE (via Big League Futures)

My top picks!

I'll pick one from each cattigory that is possible for the Mets. I'm not including Touki.

College pitcher:

Kyle Freeland.

College hitter:

Trea Turner. (Close second: Kyle schwarber)

High school pitcher:

Grant Holmes.

High school hitter:

Jacob Gatewood.

Mets notes:

1) Keith law says it'll be Sean Newcomb. Law has predicted the Mets correctly in the last 2 drafts.

2) The last 2 drafts the Mets have taken someone in attendance ( I know it means nothing) heres a link to thos in attendance this year.Gatewoods one of them!

3) I don't like Newcomb. He looks to me like a future lefty only pitcher. Not a top 10 pick)

4) The Mets have also been linked to Michael Conforto, i don't like him much either.

Mock Draft.

1)Houston Astros- Brady Aiken

2)Miami Marlins- Alex Jackson

3)Chicago White Sox- Tyler Kolek

4)Chicago Cubs- Carlos Rodon

5)Minnesota Twins- Nick Gordon

6)Seattle Mariners- Trea Turner

7)Philadelphia Phillies- Aaron Nola

8)Colorado Rockies- Kyle Freeland

9)Toronto Blue Jays- Touki Toussaint

10)New York Mets- Derek Hill

11)Toronto Blue Jays (P. Bickford - unsigned)- Jeff Hoffman

12)Milwaukee Brewers- Tyler Beede

13)San Diego Padres- Bradley Zimmer

14)San Francisco Giants- Grant Holmes

15)Los Angeles Angels- Sean Newcomb

16)Arizona Diamondbacks- Michael conforto

17)Kansas City Royals- Kyle Schwarber

18)Washington Nationals- Erick Fedde

19)Cincinnati Reds- Michael Chavis

20)Tampa Bay Rays- Casey Gillaspie

21)Cleveland Indians- Brandon Finnegan

22)Los Angeles Dodgers- Jacob Gatewood

23)Detroit Tigers- Nick Burdi

24)Pittsburgh Pirates- Luis Ortiz

25)Oakland Athletics- Max Pentecost

26)Boston Red Sox- Sean Reid-Foley

27)St. Louis Cardinals- Brandon Finnegan


28)Kansas City Royals (E. Santana)- Kodi Medeiros

29)Cincinnati Reds (S. Choo)- Derek Fisher

30)Texas Rangers (N. Cruz)- Spencer Adams

31)Cleveland Indians (U. Jimenez)- A.J. Reed

32)Atlanta Braves (B. McCann)- Michael Gettys

33)Boston Red Sox (Ellsbury)- Luke Weaver

34)St. Louis Cardinals (C. Beltran)- Nick Howard

more notes:

1) Lock of the draft: Phillies- Aaron Nola

2)Wild card of the draft: Brewers- Tyler Beede

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