One week later, my final draft choice(s).

Many of you may remember that, a little more than a week ago, i posted my top 50 draft prospects list. After that i have done some more research and have come up with my decision.

Firstly i would like to thank the precedent set by amazins8669 who first wrote about the prospects here and here. And then wrote about his choice over here. Thank you amazins8669!

Now i would like to say that i'm assuming Brady Aiken, Carlos Rodon, Tyler Kolek, Alex Jackson, and Jeff Hoffman will all be gone before we draft. I am posting my top 5 with brief descriptions, top 2 with slightly longer descriptions, and top choice with a reasonably long scouting report. I will also post 4 honorable mentions who i feel obligated to mention. So without further ado...

HM) Michael Gettys- Gettys entered the AA draft discussions as most of AA wanting him more than anyone else. But his fall is due to the fact that his one bad tool looks even worse. Gettys is ost likely still a first rounder, but his tremendous K rate and inability to hit the curveball have hom going much further down than originally anticipated.

HM) Kodi Medeiros- A pitcher from Hawaii, there is not much not to like about Medeiros. A lefty with stuff but some lack of command basically sums him up. His lack of competition can explain the control problems, but it can also mean that it will take him a while to develop. Then again look at Nimmo!

HM) Bradley Zimmer- A five toll CFer with no below average tools, but also not plus tools. Well i like pluas tools. That is why he is only an HM.

HM) Trea Turner- Turner lost alot of stock for a guy who was once supposed to be a top 10 pick. He still has plus to plus plus speed, and although he will stay at short stop, he won't win any gold gloves. His hit tool shouldn't be better than average, and his power is well below.

5) Aaron Nola- Nola earns points for his advanced changeup and control. He has an above average fasball and his slider should improve. I compare him to Cole Hamels.

4) Kyle Schwarber- Kyle can hit, hit, hit and has plus power! Best of all he's a catcher. He doesn't field or throw particularly well but no matter were he plays he can still hit! I compare him to Mike Piazza because niether of them can field, but they can both hit, hit, hit!

3) Nick Gordon- Nick isn't as fast as his brother Dee, but he still has above average speed. He can definately stay at short stop and has a chance to win gold gloves at the next level. His power still leaves some to be desired in the power catigory but can hit well and walks very well as well. (well). I compare him to Elvis Andrus, with a better walk rate.

2) Touki Toussaint- Yes, he's number 2 (not 1). Touki is the kind of high schooler who will come back and bite you if you don't draft him. He has a developing changeup, and plus fastball and curve! His control is an issue, but of course, he can win even if he doesn't get it. I compare him to Jose Fernandez. ( AND, YES HE'S NUMBER 2 NOT 1! SHUT UP ALREADY!)

1) Jacob Gatewood-

Jacob Gatewood (via Kiley McDaniel)

Gatewood has 60 power now and 70-80 in the future as he is 6'5 but only 190. The power is legit but can he hit enough to put the power into play? Quite possibly. I recently read a scouting report saying he could have an average, or possibly very slightly more, hit tool. He supposedly has very good bat control as well. I would put his hit tool at 35 now but 55 potential.

As if his power wasn't enough, he plays short stop! Can he stay there? probably not. But he has a better chance than we've been giving him credit for. He has good hands, good legs, good reactions, and a 70 arm. The problem is his mobility, you don't see many 6'5/210+ shortstops in the majors do you? Well i looked this up. The answer, is no. But we do come close. Tulo is 6'3/215 and A-Rod is 6'3/ 225. Both are/ were gold glove caliber short stops. Of course, they are freak athletes, but whose to say gatewood can't be one?! If Gatewood moves i'm confident he can play third. However if we still have Wright at third, then he can move to right field no problem.

Gatewood has slightly below average speed. I would compare him, but i can't it's too hard. I said that Touki is the kind of player that if you don't draft him he will bite you. Well Gatewood will murder you. Him i can see in cooperstown 30 years from now, and we can't let a potential 500 HR short stop get away. This is why i REALLY, REALLY want Jacob Gatewood.

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