Mets Morning News: Eveland up, someone down, and there are still two whole games left in Philadelphia

Rich Schultz

Your Sunday morning dose of Mets and Major League Baseball news, notes, and links.

Meet the Mets

The Mets and Phillies played another fourteen innings on Saturday, but the Mets won this time, thanks to a big hit from David Wright and more excellent work by their bullpen. Jacob deGrom was not too shabby, either, though his eleven strikeouts were overshadowed a bit by the three-run home run he gave up to Ryan Howard in the seventh inning.

Choose your recap: Amazin' Avenue shortlongMLB.comNew York TimesESPN New YorkNew York PostNew York Daily NewsNewsday, or The Star-Ledger.

When the video board at Citizens Bank Park showed an umpire's call would obviously be reversed, the Mets left the field before the umpires even got situated with the replay gear behind home plate. The umpires were none too pleased, but they wouldn't have to yell at the Mets about leaving the field if the call had just been right in the first place.

There's also apparently some debate between the umpires and the Mets about whether or not Jeurys Familia balks on every pitch he throws.

Greg Prince writes about long baseball games—Mets games in particular, of course—over at Faith and Fear in Flushing.

Juan Lagares has a rib cage or back injury and may or may not hit the disabled list today.

For the second time in as many days, the Mets promoted a pitcher who hasn't pitched in the big leagues in years by calling up Dana Eveland. The team has not decided who will go from the active roster to make room for him, though Lagares to the disabled list is one possibility.

The Mets might have a new hitting coach, but their hitting philosophy remains the same.

Around the National League East

The Good Phight reacts to the extra-innings loss. The Mets aren't the only team to make bullpen promotions in the wake of back-to-back fourteen-inning games, either.

The Braves beat the Marlins. One of the great things about baseball is that when two of your team's division rivals play each other, one of them must lose.

Unfortunately, the NL East team playing out of the division yesterday beat up on the Texas Rangers, whose season is not going as well as, say, the New York Rangers.

Around Major League Baseball

Chris Young haters, rejoice. Nelson Cruz hit his twentieth home run of the season. Of course everyone saw Cruz's 185 wRC+ so far this year coming.

Fangraphs took a look at expected and actual run differentials the other day, and by those metrics, the Mets have been outperforming the underlying stats so far this year.

David Price and David Ortiz are not getting along.

As if the Diamondbacks' season couldn't get any worse, A.J. Pollock—one of their very few bright spots this year—has a broken hand and figures to be out for a while.

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