Yasmani Tomas ?

New York Mets

Jose Abreu is 27 and in his prime Yasmani Tomas is 23 so he may not make it to MLB right away. the 2 Cubans that the Dodgers signed Erisbel Arruebarrena and Alexander Guerrero are in AAA. not all of them come to MLB right away and play great some of them are in AAA working on things. also some of them are good players but not great like Dayan Viciedo. i view the Cuban international free agents as prospects sure they can be great but they could also fail or just be mediocre. but these prospects are not making the min they cost money. if a guy making the min struggles and has to be sent down that's one thing. if they are struggling and have to be sent down to AAA they will still get paid. even if they never make it out of AAA they will still be paid. so if a drafted prospect fails it sucks but if an international free agent fails it will hurt the Mets future financial flexibility.

on the plus side these international free agents will cost no talented prospects or established veterans to acquire. if the Mets want a player like Tomas they would have to trade some other team one of their high valued young arms. also because he is a prospect and not proven at the MLB level he will not cost as much as his potential production is actually worth. a New York club should be able to make a gamble like this that could yield very high dividends. this is not some sure thing just because Puig and Abreu are great does not mean Tomas is destined for the same career path he is a risk. but the high reward and the great need a player like his power potential should mean he is a risk worth taking.

i could understand not going after him if there were holes all over this offense and Tomas would not make a difference. but the Mets have Wright, Granderson, Murphy and Lagares who have all been good. they also have Duda who has been average and Donuts is young with a very high ceiling. the Mets really only have 2 glaring holes in this lineup. they need a power hitting corner OF and a SS who could lead off. if this guy live's up to his potential he could be one of the last pieces to completing this team. if the Mets had Puig there is no doubt in my mind that they would be in 1st place not in last. even if Tomas is just Puig light he will go a long way to making this team a force in the NL east.

the rotation is strong and the pen has come together, 2/3 of this team is solid. i could also understand not going after a guy like Tomas if alot the young pitching like DeGrom Montero and Wheeler was still a few years away and not in MLB or AAA. or if the Mets were waiting for some top ten prospect like Thor who was in low A not AAA. but all the young pitching is here at the MLB level or in AAA. Harvey and Parnell will be back next year which will only make this already strong pitching staff even stronger. the time to make a move like this to improve the offense is right now. the rebuild process is over it's time to start winning again. it just makes too much sense in many different ways for the Mets to go after a guy like him now with all the other stars aligned. having said that they probably will not because the Wilpons dark master Baphomet feeds on all our Mets tears it's like gator-aid to him.

in Cuba 2011-2012

Jose_Abreu .394/.542/.837 in 212-AB at 25 years old

Yoennis_Cespedes .333/.424/.667 in 354-AB at 25 years old

Yasiel Puig .330/.430/.581 in 327-AB at 21 years old

Yasmani Tomas .301/.340/.580 in 240-PA at 21 years old

in Cuba 2012-2013

Tomas hit .289/.364/.538 in 324-PA at 22

in Cuba 2013-present

Tomas hit .290/.346/.450 in 257-PA he had an arm injury due to crashing into a wall that shortened his season

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