Notes from B-Mets vs. Bowie Baysox - Matz AA debut 6/21/14

Only caught the first 6 innings.

Matz brought the heat but didn't seem to impress the Bowie hitters. In addition to the HR there was a still rising screaming liner that hit about 2 feet below the top of the LF wall. The HR was an absolute bomb. Closest thing to a BABIP hit was a very hard grounder that Hererra missed by 3-4 feet while diving to his right. All the hits allowed were legit.

According to the scoreboard, Matz' FB was sitting at 94/95 with twice as many registering as 96's than 92's or 93's. He lost some steam in the 5th when 92 started popping up more than mid-90's. In the 1st inning his misses were arm side high - he appears to have over-corrected as the mostly moved glove side low in the last 2-3 innings of his outing. He also lost the ability to get on top of his breaking pitches in the last 2 innings - Plaw had to rise out of his crouch on more than one pitch.

Matz is all business. I was 3 rows behind the B-Mets dugout and he was head down scowling on every walk from the mound. May have had something to do with the fact that he only had one clean inning and two DP's w/runners on third made his line look better than it might have. He looked unhappy though no dirt kicking or head lunging - just didn't look like a guy having any fun.

Hererra on the other hand is a blast to watch. Of course being on base on each of his first 4 PAs will help create a good impression! If he makes it I think we're gonna' like watching him. He's one of those guys who "feels" fast and energetic/kinetic. Slightly like Jose who I saw at the same park when he coming up through AA. Though I'm not saying he's a shadow of the player Jose was at that point in his development but he seems to always be working to do something though I didn't notice the electric smile Jose sported. DH's double was a rocket. Really strong pivot on the two double plays that bailed Matz out of trouble though a weird release point on his throws left me a bit uncomfortable.

He got thrown out stealing easily on a perfect/fast release throw. Advanced on a WP and scored on a sac fly where he booked it down the line as Burgamy (I think) nearly got thrown out for a 3rd/out DP tagging from 1st to 2nd. Not sure if Hererra's run crossed first or not but he was moving full speed. Didn't matter because the 2Ber dropped an on-target throw while trying to make the tag. He was always on the move.

Not sure Nimmo even tipped a foul ball the 4 PAs (2 k's/2 bb's) I saw. IIRC he took 6 straight pitches to open the game with a walk. They were facing lefty's (Tim Berry started/Anthony Velasquez first reliever) and he was having trouble getting near a good breaking ball though Berry rarely hit 92. Box says he did make contact in his last two ABs.

He looked exactly like Lagares in chasing down a fly ball to RC that everyone in the park though would be well over his head. You could tell he was moving quickly but his strides were graceful and effortless and his timing perfect. He was fully extended without leaving his feet as he snared it. That catch was my favorite moment of the night.

Plawecki had two pop-ups and an HBP before I left - he hit after. Looked like a strong pop to my naked/non-scout eyes and made an accurate throw on the one SB attempt I saw but the runner (1st SB attempt of the season) was easily safe. Either my eyes were bad that play or Matz was sleeping and he got a really strong jump.

Taijeron's HR hit off the billboards immediately above the HR fence and may have still been rising when it made contact. Boyd's got one of those "pretty/smooth/lefty" swings - except he's a rightly.

And finally, a helicoperting bat that misses you by about 2 feet is disorienting and leaves you a little sore the next am from lunging. That sucker was moving and was spinning like a Jon Niese curve ball while remaining perfectly parallel to the ground. Had my hands up to face my fate head on and try to catch it - Cpins don't bail out - but would have been knocked out cold if it'd been 2 feet closer to home plate.

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